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The background of the information age promotes the development of 3C coating industry

the background of the information age promotes the development of 3C coating industry

May 28, 2021


for a long time, computers, communications and consumer electronics such as, tablets have high requirements for corrosion prevention and appearance decoration. The quality of surface coating process is closely related to the coating used. Coating has become one of the important indicators to determine the grade of products. With its bright color and ultra-high flash, the coating gives these electronic products a sense of science and technology and a sense of future. Today, the paint market will talk about 3C paint with you

1. What is 3C coating?

the coatings used in computers, communication products and consumer electronics (mainly household appliances) are collectively referred to as 3C coatings. Among 3C coatings, solvent based coatings still account for the highest proportion, and the progress of hydration is slow. Water based coatings mainly have high cost in the transformation of coating equipment and high requirements for coating process, so the permeability is relatively low at present. The consumption of 3C coating is mainly affected by the shipment of end products and the change of shell. At present, about 80% of 3C products in the world are assembled and produced in China

2.3c coating status quo

in the Chinese market, local manufacturers not only have to fight against giants, but also face cannibalism competition from second-line manufacturers. The whole situation is not optimistic. Fortunately, Chinese manufacturers still occupy a place. Although the share is not too much, it has formed its own microclimate. At present, there are already Chinese players with great strength in the 3C coating market, such as Songjing Xincai in Hunan

in 2019, the share of Matsui new material in the global 3C coating market increased from 3.73% to 6.37%, which shows that Chinese enterprises can fully exert their strength and make great achievements in the field of 3C coating - the whole industry has a very huge space for domestic peek products with better ductility and toughness than standard molecular weight

through careful analysis of the data, it can be found that the growth rate of gross profit and net profit of Hunan Songjing new material is actually significantly ahead of European and American giants such as AkzoNobel, which has the impact of industry integration and the new demand for supply and demand rebalancing. The reason is that 3C coating has higher technical content and higher added value. The main business of large foreign manufacturers is still traditional architectural coatings, which enables us to become bigger and stronger in this market segment

we have to admit that in many fields, we do have a lot to break through. If Chinese manufacturers can achieve breakthroughs or domestic substitution in these places, the future revenue will inevitably be ten times and one hundred times

after all, 3C coating industry is a "technology intensive" industry. Paint products are not fixed due to the insufficient oil volume of the oil tank, but should be iterated together with the rapid iteration of 3C products. Even if a new player adopts the "Shanzhai" method to perfectly imitate a product, there is no way to survive without continuous research and development ability

this should be tightened in time; In addition, most of the customers of 3C coating industry are giants in the consumer electronics industry such as Huawei, apple and Xiaomi. As a coating enterprise, to enter the supply system of these giants often requires a lot of strict approval and testing, as well as various national and industrial qualifications and assessments. "Technical barrier + Certification barrier" makes this industry very unfriendly to novices - without a strong technical foundation, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the 3C coating material market

3.3c paint future trend

VOC Control Policy on 3C paint

since 2013, various national departments have issued a number of policies to promote VOC emission reduction and cleaner production. Such as the technical policy for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (2013), the law on the prevention and control of air pollution (2015), the pilot measures for the charging of volatile organic compounds (2015), the action plan for the reduction of volatile organic compounds in key industries (2016), etc. With the control of VOC and cleaner production, water-based 3C coatings bring more opportunities. The technology of water-based 3C coating is basically mature, but due to the high cost of production line transformation, the current use rate is very low, and the future has a broad prospect under the more stringent environmental protection requirements

substrate innovation has led to a decline in the use rate of coatings

affected by apple, more 3C brands have actively introduced metal materials such as magnesium aluminum alloy as the substrate of 3C products, and replaced the protective effect of coatings through anodic oxidation, coating and other processes, resulting in a decline in the use rate of coatings

3c industry, especially the differentiated competition, is increasingly focused on the appearance. Brands actively introduce new substrates such as glass, ceramics, bamboo and rattan, which may lead to the decline of coating utilization. For example, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi 5 (ceramic/glass) and mix (all ceramic) in 2016, which won wide popularity. Aiming at the emerging new substrates, coating manufacturers are actively opening up the corresponding new coatings. Diversified coating effects enhance the charm of the coating. Such as anodic oxidation effect, bio based raw material coatings, peelable coatings and other products. In the future, the development direction of 3C coating is mainly wear resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance and diversified visual effects

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