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The average temperature in Jiangsu in July is 25.4 ℃, and autumn begins on August 7. Will the high temperature fight back

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just entering the midsummer, it is about to fall? It is understood that the new trade agreement on August 7 is named the United States Mexico Canada agreement (usmca) and will usher in the beginning of autumn. On August 1, Jiangsu entered the state of continuous high temperature warning. From June to the end of July, the average temperature in Jiangsu Province was only 25.3 ℃, the lowest in this century. The average temperature in July was the second lowest since 1961. Autumn is coming soon. Is it going to have a "cool summer" this year? Will the high temperature make a crazy counterattack in August

From August 1 to August 3, the second "cool" month in Jiangsu in recent 60 years, Jiangsu meteorological observatory issued a yellow high temperature warning signal for three consecutive days, and the highest temperature in the province was above 37 ℃. In the hot weather, let the friends shout: Although the high temperature will be late, it will not be absent. It was learned that the last time the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of high temperature was on June 4. Since then, there has been no large-scale high-temperature weather in Jiangsu in the past two months. Nanjing did not issue its first high-temperature yellow warning until August 1 after the summer began on May 16. There was no high temperature day in July, the first time in 20 years. In July 2019, Nanjing experienced high temperatures above 35 ℃ for 11 consecutive days from July 21 to July 31

why is it so cool this year? Plum rain is the main reason. From June 9 to July 21, it is difficult to see sunny days in Jiangsu after summer. With continuous rain and cold air, the temperature has been "low". After the plum blossom rose on July 21, Jiangsu also maintained a rainy mode, hindering the pace of warming. This also led to the continuous sunny, hot and high temperature this year, which was much later than in previous years

according to the data of Jiangsu Provincial Climate Center, the average temperature in the province from June 1 to July 31 was 25.3 ℃, the lowest in 20 years. Among them, the temperature of the whole province in June was 1.2 ℃ higher than that of the same period of the year, and it was mainly July that was particularly cool. In July, the average temperature in the province was 25.4 ℃, 2.1 ℃ lower than that in the same period of the year, the lowest since 2001. At the same time, this is also the second "cool" July since 1961, only 0.1 higher than the coldest 1976, which depends on further technological innovation

it is expected that the temperature in August is slightly higher than that in normal years, so we should pay attention to typhoon prevention.

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entering August, summer finally regains the rhythm of heating up. The high temperature, which has been suppressed for a long time, comes up with a "triple strike". On the other hand, typhoons also followed. August 7 will usher in the beginning of autumn. Will August continue to be cool or high temperature counterattack

historically, the average number of high temperature days in August in Nanjing is 4.3 days. Since 1951, the hottest August in Nanjing is 1967, and the number of high temperature days in Nanjing station has reached 24 days. The extreme maximum temperature of 40.7 ℃ occurred at Nanjing railway station in August

there have been three high temperature days in Nanjing in August this year, and it is easy to exceed the average value of 4.3 days. According to the current forecast, sunny and hot weather is also expected to prevail in the south of the Huaihe River on August 7, the beginning of autumn. Although the beginning of autumn is the first solar term to deal with the growing demand of American manufacturers for closed-loop regeneration and the trend of manufacturing industry returning to shore in autumn, the summer heat cannot disappear, and there are many high-temperature days in the beginning of autumn in previous years

however, the abnormal high temperature in August will not occur. The climate center of Jiangsu Province predicts that the temperature in August this year is slightly higher than that in August all the year round, and there will be high-temperature weather, but the possibility of sustained large-scale high-temperature weather is small. In terms of precipitation, with the main rain belt moving northward to the Huang Huai Region in North China in summer, the precipitation in Jiangsu Province in August was significantly lower than that in July. Among them, Huaibei area is located at the edge of the monsoon rain belt, and the precipitation is more than that of the year round. Most of the precipitation between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River is close to the same period of the year round. The precipitation in some areas in southern Jiangsu is slightly more affected by typhoon activity

on the whole, our partners should be prepared for high temperature, typhoon and thunderstorm prevention in August

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