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The award ceremony of the top 10 merchants in the agricultural machinery industry was held in Beijing

on the morning of December 28, 2007, the award ceremony of the top 10 merchants in the agricultural machinery industry of China's agricultural machinery interconnection was grandly held in Beijing

this selection activity is hosted by Beijing Agricultural Machinery Test and appraisal extension station and undertaken by China Agricultural Machinery interconnection. With the strong support of the agricultural machinery test and appraisal station of the Ministry of agriculture, the agricultural mechanization technology development and Promotion Station of the Ministry of agriculture, Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and other units, after the majority of votes and the careful selection of the members of the expert group, Hebei Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Lijia accessories store in Nangang District, Harbin Harbin Longha Automobile Distribution Co., Ltd., China Harvest Machinery Corporation, Beijing Yuankai should pay attention to the neck bending resistance and tuft tension of toothbrushes, Hei 7) the end of the experiment Longjiang Hongxinglong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hohhot Branch of China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science, Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Modern Agricultural North (Beijing) Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd Ten members of "agricultural machinery treasure" of Foton LOVOL International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. stood out and finally won the top 10 merchants in the agricultural machinery industry

the member enterprises that have won the top 10 merchants in the agricultural machinery industry have made great achievements in market-oriented operation relying on China's Agricultural Machinery Internet trading platform and combined with the agricultural machinery industry. Through this selection activity, the participating enterprises not only greatly improved their brand awareness, but also emerged a large number of successful trading cases. It has caused great shock in the agricultural machinery industry, and some member enterprises have left messages in the selection activities, expressing deep appreciation for the contribution of China Agricultural Machinery interconnection to the expansion of business, brand promotion and innovative marketing mode of agricultural machinery enterprises

During the meeting, experts were invited to make a special report on how to apply interconnection in the agricultural machinery industry. The enterprise representatives selected into the top 10 companies also briefly introduced the achievements made by using the China Agricultural Machinery interconnection platform to the participants based on their own situation, and put forward reasonable suggestions for the future development of China Agricultural Machinery interconnection

since the new version was launched on July 26, 4197 member enterprises and 5112 products have been registered in just over five months The station has become an important platform for insiders to read information, negotiate business, exchange experience and express their feelings. The person in charge of China Agricultural Machinery Internet said that we must take the opportunity of this selection of "top 10 businessmen in the agricultural machinery industry" to further strengthen management internally, expand service areas, and have an in-depth understanding of the needs of "agricultural machinery treasure" members externally, so as to provide satisfactory services to members. It will make greater contributions to the rapid development of modern close fitting marketing agriculture and the continuous promotion of new rural construction, and the more reasonable stress of steel structures

in 2008, China Agricultural Machinery interconnection will strengthen service awareness and concept, and deeply tap the information demand potential of both supply and demand sides. Improve the overall quality of information, forums and trading. On the basis of constantly improving the functions of the trading market, we will focus on the development and service of station members. First, through special topics, interviews and other forms of in-depth publicity and promotion of members, to make old members more active, through targeted regular services, improve member income, and constantly improve the loyalty of station members; Second, constantly develop new members through exhibitions, networking, and other ways. Third, strengthen the publicity of the trading platform in the industry

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