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"UAV + Programming" has become a new favorite of steam education

(November 3, 2018, Shenzhen). A mini UAV, flying between obstacle rings, obstacle bridges and colored flags, with small players wearing flying glasses, staring attentively at the front; In another venue, several drones danced, and the audience was amazed. The contestants looked at the computer and nervously compared the flight posture and the operation of the program

this is a wonderful scene in the 8th China educational robot competition. On November 3, 2018, the 8th China Education machine competition (ERCC) was held in the gymnasium of Beihai campus of Guilin University of Electronic Science and technology. UAV competition was introduced into the competition for the first time, which became the biggest highlight of the whole audience

In recent years, some primary and secondary schools in first tier cities have begun to explore the introduction of drones into steam education classes, offering drone flight + programming courses. Compared with common programming courses, UAV courses have the advantages of "strong interest", "rich content" and "combination of software and hardware", so it has gradually become a new favorite of science and innovation courses

as the "capital of unmanned aerial vehicles in the world", Shenzhen leads the world in unmanned aerial vehicle teaching practice. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen have introduced educational UAVs. Liu Haifeng, President of stem Research Institute of China Invention Association, Secretary General of Shenzhen Youth Science and Technology Education Association and director of the science and technology center of Shenzhen experimental school, said that in 2018, a UAV specially designed for educational programming was newly born, which has greatly improved its security. It is not only developmental, but also accurate in control, and can easily realize single machine control and cluster control, It provides great convenience and support for students' innovative development design and application development

in the robot competition, Shenzhen also "dare to be the first in the world". In October this year, Nanshan educational technology, one of the largest primary and secondary school science and technology competitions in Shenzhen, designed devices for this purpose mostly titanium or titanium alloy or peek Festival set up the "UAV competition" project, and set the Tello edu educational UAV as a competition product. 75 students from 38 primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen programmed the UAV to cross obstacles, complete specific flight routes and land accurately. Luo Xiangping, a teacher from the second foreign language school in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, who led the team to participate in the competition, commented that the introduction of drones has made many students more interested in science and technology competitions and stimulated their enthusiasm for science and technology learning

the science and Art Festival of Shenzhen Children's palace, which opened on November 10, also introduced the Tello edu educational UAV into the activity. In the main venue of the children's palace, children queued up to experience drone flight and drone programming, and learned flight technology and programming technology. According to reports, in the two-day event, a total of about 5000 students and parents received on-site UAV teaching

the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Children's Palace said that in recent years, the surface stress education of the zigzag specimen of steam2 and hydraulic universal testing machine has been heating up, and robotics, programming and artificial intelligence education have been popular with students and parents. As a new "Aerial Robot", UAV has entered many classrooms in Shenzhen as an educational tool. The Municipal Children's palace strives to promote the balanced and all-round development of the overall quality of children in Shenzhen. Through holding science and art festivals and other forms, it cultivates the innovative consciousness and spirit of children, so that children can appreciate the infinite charm of science and art in their study. This science and Art Festival introduced drone elements, which are deeply loved by children

UAV makes steam more interesting

as a new "Aerial Robot", UAV can play two different roles in Teaching: the "flight platform" for learning flight and the "flight robot" for programming education. In flight learning, students need to understand the mechanical structure of aircraft, practice hand eye coordination, and even assemble aircraft by themselves; At the same time, it cooperates with China Academy of space technology. In programming teaching, unmanned aerial vehicles can use cameras to complete AI tasks such as line patrol and face recognition in three-dimensional space, which improves the interest and difficulty of the course

in the ERCC competition, the UAV competition is designed with two links: racing and formation flying performance. The participants need to consider programming, flying and aerial aesthetics at the same time. Liu Ming, the person in charge of the competition, said that the competition between drones and robots made the competition more interesting and made the robot competition possible

Liu Ming believes that the flight pleasure of UAV makes it a unique teaching product. Most of the students who participated in the UAV course were attracted by flight and were full of expectations for getting started; The "rich content" is reflected in the teaching content. The UAV course covers flight principles, basic aerodynamics, mechanical structure knowledge, and artificial intelligence knowledge, which is more comprehensive

there is an urgent need to "combine software and hardware" to fill the gap

the data shows that the number of school-age people in K12 in China has reached 160million. According to the customer unit price of 8000-12000 yuan, the 1.5% penetration rate can be estimated that at present, steam education can reach a market scale of 20billion. The huge potential makes steam education a hot topic in the educational circle

at present, in the steam education market, educational products from western developed countries dominate. Now the oral and written guarantees we give are leading here. Modular robots represented by LEGO are widely used. Since 2018, with the efforts of domestic manufacturers, educational UAVs have gradually entered the classroom. Taking the Tello edu programming UAV, which is widely used at present, as an example, it supports a variety of programming languages and can also program multiple unmanned aircraft fleets to fly, which has outstanding advantages over ground-based devices. In addition, the recent improvement of security technology makes it more suitable for application in the field of education. The emergence of security covers and functions such as "one click landing" and "automatic hovering" basically meet the security needs in the classroom

compared with hardware, the "software supporting" of educational UAV is slightly insufficient. At present, textbooks and courses for UAVs are still scarce, and the number of corresponding competitions is still insufficient. How to transform the advantages of hardware into direct teaching course content remains to be explored by the industry

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