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The municipal gardening Department launched the action of "caring for banyan trees" for the first time to try to use drones to prevent and control the rising temperature, and insects have entered the eclosion period. Gardening experts teach you green plant pest control methods

staff operate plant protection drones

the staff prepares for the spraying operation of UAV

Xiamen evening news (Wen/TU, Xie Yuzhen, Chen Qiong) at about 9 a.m. yesterday, a plant protection UAV with four red rotors and eight liters of liquid medicine "showed its skill" over the South Lake Park, helping the prevention and control of the banyan plant scarlet armyworm in the Yuandang Lake Management Center

"this spraying is the second round of prevention and control of the first generation larvae of scarlet moth, and it is also our first attempt to use plant protection drones for pest control." Said liuwenfang, deputy chief of the garden and Landscape Department of Yuandang Lake Management Center

according to the municipal garden Bureau, this year's special prevention and control battle of banyan plant scarlet armyworm has been launched this month. All relevant departments in our city have taken positive actions and are dealing with the pest of scarlet armyworm in various ways

as the temperature rises, insects have entered the eclosion period. This newspaper invites experts to interpret how household plants prevent insects

on site

after spraying a tree in two minutes, 200 to 300 trees can be sprayed a day

in Nanhu Park, after measuring the working area and the highest point, the staff will pack the liquid medicine prepared in proportion. I saw the "flying hand" gently click on the special A2, and the drone will "buzz" slowly rise, and carry out the omni-directional and accurate circling spraying operation according to the set time and route

the scene attracted many citizens to stop and watch. Considering that the liquid medicine will have a certain impact on the human body, the management reminded citizens not to stay more in the operation area

"the crown width of banyan trees is 10-12 meters. It takes about 2 minutes for a tree to finish spraying, and it can spray 200-300 plants a day." Field staff said that the single machine of plant protection UAV can operate in an area of 100 mu-200 mu per day, and the operation efficiency is much higher than that of artificial spray and conventional large-scale pesticide applicators. The anti-aircraft additive can solve the problem of liquid medicine drift and transpiration, and the pressure wind field can ensure the uniform dispersion of liquid medicine. The cost of medication has also been greatly reduced. The best effect can reduce more than 30% of medication and reduce environmental pollution

"the biggest purpose is to operate efficiently and give drugs in place, and prevent and control accurately." Liuwenfang, deputy chief of the garden and Landscape Department of Yuandang Lake Management Center, said that banyan plants within the jurisdiction are relatively tall, with a tree height of 6-10 meters and a crown width of 10-15 meters. In the past, artificial spraying was mainly used, which made it difficult to give drugs to the top in place. Moreover, the larvae of scarlet armyworm generally eat the tender leaves at the top first, and the top of the plant is seriously damaged. Low altitude and low-volume atomization spraying of plant protection UAV can effectively solve this problem

the gnawed leaves of banyan

prevention and control

there are bite marks on the leaves, carry out insect pest survey and spray

in Bailuzhou Park Central Park, she Zhenjia, senior engineer of the pest control department of the municipal greening management center, pointed to a drooping banyan and said, "look at this tree, like people's' Mediterranean 'hairstyle, the top has begun to bald." After sawing off the diseased branches of banyan, the worker of glass curtain wall 239 saw that there were not many leaves left on the branches, and there were obvious signs of being eaten by insects on some of the remaining leaves

she Zhenjia said that this is the consequence of the scarlet striped moth. If the best spring testing machine on the market is imported from Japan and not disinfection and sterilization in time, the insects will multiply very fast, and then the leaves will be gradually eaten up. Over time, trees lose their leaves and cannot carry out photosynthesis, which directly leads to death

it is understood that relevant departments have taken positive measures to deal with the pest of scarlet armyworm. Last month, the municipal greening management center has launched a general survey and victimization investigation of banyan plants (Ficus microphylla, Ficus pendula and Ficus altissima) within the scope of self managed roads. The Municipal Highway Bureau also carried out preventive spraying work this month, and comprehensively carried out the special prevention and control work of banyan plant scarlet armyworm. Bailuzhou construction and development company held a special meeting to invite relevant experts from the municipal greening management center to give special lectures to front-line landscaping workers to explain the prevention and control skills of scarlet moth

recently, the Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture organized a meeting on the prevention and control of scarlet moth, and plans to organize experts to conduct a special evaluation on the implementation of prevention and control and on-site prevention and control of relevant units in June, September and December, and the evaluation will be included in the annual municipal gardening and greening evaluation score reference index


how to prevent insects in family green plants

spring is the active period of insects, she Zhenjia 830 ⑴ explained, because insects generally enter the development state when the temperature reaches more than 20 degrees Celsius after hibernation. In this season, citizens who plant flowers and plants at home should also pay attention to the prevention and control of pests, such as aphids, scale insects, mites, etc

she Zhenjia introduced that there are several key points to learn from in preventing and controlling pests at home. The branches and leaves affected by diseases and pests should be pruned in time, including those falling in the pot, to avoid further infection. Insects visible to the naked eye can be removed with tweezers and other tools

because it is not suitable to spray pesticides at home, a pollution-free fungicide like allicin can be used. You can also use some self-made drugs, such as cigarettes, tear off the wrapping paper, take out the cut tobacco, and soak it in water at 60 or 70 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, or chop the pepper into pieces and put it in water at 80 or 90 degrees Celsius, which is the beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator for 48 hours, and then brush it with a brush on the branches and leaves infected by pests and diseases to kill insects. Citizens who have white vinegar at home can also use the preparation method of 10 to 20 times dilution to make "insecticide" and then spray it

Liu Wenfang reminded that in this season, with high temperature and humidity, plants are prone to breed bacteria. Powdery mildew is common, and the symptom is white spots on the leaves or stems of plants. Therefore, citizens should pay attention to the plants in the observer. If there are initial symptoms of powdery mildew, they should prune them in time to avoid the spread of bacteria. In addition, move the potted plants to places with good ventilation and lighting conditions

explanation of terms

scarlet spotted moth

Lepidoptera spotted moth family, which is damaged by larvae eating leaves, mainly endangering banyan trees, banyan trees, banyan trees and other banyan plants. Adults usually emerge during the day, mate the day after emergence, and lay eggs the next day. The eggs are mostly produced on the leaves at the top of the crown, and are laid in blocks. Each egg block has grains, and the egg period is 13-14 days. It occurs every year, cocoons with mature larvae for overwintering, pupates in March of the next year, and eclosizes into adults in April

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