The hottest UAV industry has broad market prospect

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The UAV industry has a broad market prospect and vigorously carries out key technological innovation

] in recent years, UAVs have been extremely popular and developed rapidly. At present, UAVs have penetrated into all fields of people's life. At present, the main applications of unmanned spot machines with high quotation include measurement and monitoring, mapping, photography and entertainment, inspection, aerial photography, data collection and analysis, distribution, etc

with the rise of artificial intelligence industry, it has driven the development of related fields, and UAV is a part of it. In recent years, the UAV market has shown a blowout development trend, which has not only brought convenience to some industries, but also become a hot spot of mass entertainment consumption. With the black flying and other issues attracting the high attention of the government, strengthening supervision has become a general trend for a large country of UAV consumption

as a big data collector, UAV can penetrate into all fields of people's life. At this stage, UAV can not only serve as a flight platform to meet the work needs, but also can easily be deeply involved in plant protection, power inspection, disaster rescue, aerial photography and other fields with its air operation ability; UAV is also used for excellent data acquisition capability, so it can also be used as an interconnection port

the UAV industry has a broad market prospect

with the gradual improvement of UAV technology, the quality and safety of UAV tasks are guaranteed. Song Lilu, a commercial UAV service, told the enterprise about the rapid deployment, timely and accurate data, providing actual return on investment for science and technology, and minimizing the demand for capital and personnel. However, according to the regulations of Mitsui chemical (Zhongshan) company, It promotes the rapid development of commercial UAV service industry. According to the statistical data of the "analysis report on market demand forecast and investment strategic planning of the UAV industry" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the global UAV commercial service market reached $337.6 million in 2017. It is estimated that the global UAV commercial service market will reach US $22.7 billion in 2026, with a broad market prospect

statistics and forecast of the scale of the global UAV business service market in

data source: the forward-looking Industry Research Institute sorted out that the consumption of Chinese robots (including UAVs) continued to grow at a high speed

the consumption of Chinese robots (including UAVs) and related services continued to grow at a high speed, and it is expected to reach $77billion by 2022, with an annual compound annual growth rate of 26.3%. Among them, China is the largest robot market in the world, which is expected to account for more than 38% of the global total by 2022

in terms of the market distribution of robots (including unmanned aerial vehicles) in China in 2022, it is expected that the manufacturing industry will account for the highest proportion, accounting for 53%; The second is the resource industry, accounting for 11%; The consumer goods industry ranks third, accounting for 7%; Followed by health care and retail, accounting for 6% and 4% respectively

statistics on the market distribution of robots (including UAVs) in China in 2022

data source: the prospective industry research institute sorted out

the civil UAV market has full potential

with the gradual maturity of UAV technology, civil UAVs have been widely used in daily life. According to the data, the sales scale of China's civil UAV market reached 2.4 billion yuan in 2015. With the gradual expansion of the UAV application field, the market demand for UAVs is gradually increasing. It is expected to exceed the 10 billion yuan mark in 2018, and the market scale will reach 13.4 billion yuan, with full market potential

China's civil UAV market scale statistics and growth forecast

data source: forward looking Industry Research Institute collates

UAV industry development prospects forecast

it is estimated that by 2020, the civil UAV industry will continue to develop rapidly, with an output value of 60billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. By 2025, the output value of civil UAVs will reach 180billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%. The industrial scale, technical level and enterprise strength continue to maintain the international leading momentum, establish and improve civil UAV standards, test and recognize that more factories will establish certification systems and industrial systems in the future, so as to realize the safe, controllable, benign and healthy development of civil UAVs

vigorously carry out technological innovation

enterprises should carry out collaborative innovation with universities and scientific research institutions, carry out key technology research around civil UAV power system, flight control system, etc., and focus on breaking through core technologies such as real-time accurate positioning, dynamic scene perception and avoidance, autonomous flight facing complex environment, group operation, etc; Carry out the research and development of miniaturized and universal load equipment, highly integrated special chips, long endurance and heavy load/hybrid layout UAV

expand the field of service application

enterprises should speed up the construction of application infrastructure and service guarantee system of civil UAV industry, establish technology application exchange platform, new technology demonstration and verification center, and promote the innovative application of civil UAV in agricultural and forestry plant protection, logistics express delivery, geographical surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, power line patrol, safety patrol, emergency rescue and other industries. Promote the integrated application of artificial intelligence in the field of civil UAVs, accelerate the improvement of the entertainment and intelligent operation level of civil UAVs, and support the development of diversified derivative products and services. Accelerate the development of productive services such as civil UAV leasing, insurance and training. Expand the application of civil UAVs in culture, education and other fields

promote the construction of control platform

study and formulate digital rules and technical solutions for civil UAVs, and realize one code for one machine to guide enterprises to incorporate products into national unified control by adding communication modules, upgrading flight control software, reserving interfaces, or adopting national unified transmission protocols and other technical means; The civil UAV can be identified, monitored and managed by means of mobile and broadcast automatic monitoring system or satellite communication. Accelerate the construction of a national control platform based on civil UAV identification and flight status, establish a security protection system, and strengthen the security guarantee ability of the control platform itself

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