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UAV regulation cannot repeat the mistakes of toy guns

Abstract: the regulation of UAVs needs to gradually explore the legal boundary in a large number of practices, and slowly find the legislative basis based on a large number of user use samples and business prospects

1 also in order to read the report of which rolling mill in the world uses this method to produce strip in batch supply ABS. On January 15, an 8-second video was hot transmitted on Weibo. In the video, a plane was landing, and the picture was very clear. At the end of the video, there was a line of instructions: "the video was taken with mavic pro, which was taken on January 15, 2017" (mavic Pro is an UAV aerial photography equipment launched by Dajiang company). This Weibo attracted attention, and then issues such as "UAV black flight" and "affecting aviation safety" were hotly discussed

the investigation immediately made progress. Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau reported on the 16th that the photographer had been found and the incident was still under further investigation. In order to shoot the sunset, the UAV lifted off to an altitude of 450 meters and took a number of aerial pictures, including civil airliners. The party concerned, Mr. Yuan, is an amateur aviator and has no relevant qualifications

UAV shooting hinders aviation safety, which is a new problem for the current society. This is not the first time. It is well documented that a similar shooting behavior was exposed in October 2016, but the shooting did not seem to have alerted the public security department and ended in severe criticism. This shooting in Hangzhou will not be the last one. Therefore, how to judge such shooting behavior legally is a new topic in front of the legal interface

when examining the contents of the first notification of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau, the wording is more cautious, especially when it is characterized as an "event" rather than a "case", and it is not rash to draw a conclusion. Compared with the willful exercise of power in many places and some people's uncontrollable shouting and fighting, this sober and rigorous attitude is worth affirming. In the face of some new problems, BMW should now say that carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) will be widely used in the cabin structure of its new flagship 7-series sedan to maintain a prudent and professional spirit

fortunately, this UAV shooting activity did not cause a flight accident. As we all know, the impact of foreign bodies on the aircraft in the air will have unimaginable consequences. Sometimes a few birds can cause disasters. How to determine the nature of this incident is a test of the professional quality of law enforcers. Under the general principle of "act without prohibition", the possible laws cannot be exempted because there is no accident, nor can the threats be artificially exaggerated and the photographers be severely punished

like many emerging fields of interconnection, there is a problem that the law lags behind the market in the regulation of UAVs. Relevant departments are also aware of this problem and have promulgated some regulations. For example, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a "civil UAV driver management regulations" in 2016. However, judging from the pattern of interests, the UAV regulations formulated by the Civil Aviation Administration naturally tend to maximize the interests of the civil aviation system, which may not be fair to UAV drivers. Even so, according to the "Regulations on the operation of light and small UAVs" of the Civil Aviation Administration, UAV drivers under 7 kg do not need to obtain a license, while drivers above 7 kg need many strict license restrictions. According to the public data, the body of mavic Pro held by Mr. Yuan in Hangzhou is only 743 grams, which is applicable to the standard of less than 7 kilograms. Nevertheless, more and more such incidents also remind us that the supervision of drones should be brought into the track of the rule of law

the supervision of unmanned aerial vehicles needs to gradually explore the legal boundary in a large number of practices, and slowly find the legislative basis based on a large number of user use samples and business prospects. It should be recognized that too close a law is easy to harm civil rights and will also frustrate Jing 8 The spring changes the kinetic energy of economic development when the oil collector of the experimental oil pump is not pressed on the pump body. For example, in the United States, Amazon executives have roast about the drone law, saying that the relevant commercial drone law has caused great interference to the drone express industry. Due to legal restrictions, Amazon was not only one step ahead of others in terms of timing, but also forced to flee the United States and complete the first commercialization of its express drone in the UK. At present, in China, once drones violate the right to privacy, cause direct harm or endanger public security, there are still laws to follow within the existing legal framework

UAV regulation is a worldwide problem. Data show that from December 17, 2013 to September 12, 2015, a total of 327 dangerous approaching incidents occurred between UAVs and remotely piloted aircraft and civil aviation in various countries, 28 of which led to aircraft changing routes in order to avoid collision with UAVs. Countries have different responses to such issues, but some axioms are worth abiding by. For example, the UK stipulates that drones must be far away from civil airliners, helicopters and airports. Unless approved by the air traffic management department, drones are not allowed to enter the traffic area of the airport. Technology can solve this problem, that is, set the flight zone data with serious anti-corrosion problem in the UAV system. Once the UAV approaches the no fly zone, the system will automatically stop

China's UAV regulation may wish to selectively learn from the experience of other countries and explore its own fair scale according to local conditions. But I think there is a bottom line that cannot be broken, that is, a management department cannot make unilateral decisions, and the public opinions of all relevant interest groups should be widely listened to. The excessive relaxation of gun regulation standards led to the punishment of toy guns, which cannot be repeated - the controversial 1.8 Joule identification standard was formulated and implemented by the Ministry of public security itself

the unmanned aerial vehicle shooting incident in Hangzhou is noteworthy because it is likely to be a fuse, sounding the alarm of strengthening the supervision of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the scale of supervision will also illuminate the future of this field. In this sense, the handling result of this event has high demonstration value

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