The hottest UAV monitors the burning of straw

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The UAV can effectively overcome the low temperature weather in Northeast China, and can patrol more than 200 square kilometers of cultivated land every day, improving the efficiency of patrol

report from our correspondent (Tian Yu, Li Mu, shuangwen/photo) on the morning of the 17th, Yue Yawei, the Petrochemical Department of the industrial reconciliation Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in Yuran, Guangrong village, Shuangjing street, Hulan District, the powder was melted by a heat source next to the rice field, and four drones were lifted off one by one to carry out straw burning inspection. The new evening news learned that the entire cultivated land in Hulan District can be inspected every two days through drone patrol. This year, our city will equip each township with one such UAV to strengthen the inspection of straw burning

maguixin, a technician in charge of the operation of UAVs, told that the "value" of these UAVs was about 100000 yuan. Equipped with the latest Z30 camera HD camera, it can effectively overcome the cold weather in Northeast China. It is a cheap UAV model with the world's leading technology to recycle waste plastic, which is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. After liftoff, the UAV can monitor an area of 12 square kilometers in one minute, patrol an area of 25 square kilometers in one take-off and landing, and patrol more than 200 square kilometers of cultivated land every day. At present, 40 unmanned aerial vehicles take off and land in Hulan District every day, and the patrol work of the whole Hulan District can be completed in two days

"in the past, in the inspection of straw burning activities, manual inspection was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the efficiency was still low. Fire points were found during the day, and when we arrived at the scene, the straw burning people often had left, so it was difficult to obtain evidence. At night, affected by light, manual inspection also faced many difficulties. Now with drones, the efficiency of inspecting straw burning can be greatly improved."

Wu Hongguang, deputy director of Hulan branch of Harbin Environmental Protection Bureau, said that since the National Day holiday this year, the district has launched drone patrol through rental services. This year, the province launched straw incineration in an all-round way. If we only rely on manual inspection, it will not only be inefficient, but also difficult to ensure that the inspection is comprehensive. Therefore, Hulan District set up four inspection teams this year, each equipped with one of the most advanced UAVs in China. So far, no straw burning points have been found in this area. In the next step, on the one hand, the environmental protection department will strengthen the inspection of straw burning, and further strengthen the return of straw to the field and effective utilization

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