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UAV industry applications, electric power line patrol scheduled for the next "hot"

UAV industry application, electric power line patrol is scheduled for the next "hot money"

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original title: UAV industry application, electric power line patrol scheduled for the next "hot money"

saving labor cost and providing safety factor and efficiency is the inevitable logic that UAV line patrol will gradually replace labor

this "logic" is becoming fuller and fuller with the continuous attempts of Nanfang power and Guodian in whether the UAV Power Patrol safety insurance is normal. In China, where transmission lines have long ranked first in the world, the incremental role of UAVs has long evolved from building blocks to mainstays

in the application of UAV industry, the electric power line patrol is in a state of laughter, and is heading towards the direction of "explosion"

power inspection UAV/map source network

why the rise of UAV line inspection

China's power industry has long relied on the operation mode of manual line inspection, which has obviously become increasingly unsuitable for the development of the power industry

according to the relevant statistical data, in the traditional manual inspection scenario, the inspection of transmission lines per 100 kilometers requires approximately 160 man hours. This data means that if you want to complete the inspection of 100 kilometers of transmission lines in one working day, at least 20 line inspectors are required, and the inefficiency is obvious. Moreover, when patrol inspectors inspect poles, high-voltage conductors, disconnectors, iron towers, insulators, transformers, etc., they mainly record the inspection results in paper form, which also means that they need to carry a lot of data during operation, which not only affects the work intensity of patrol inspectors, but also causes considerable inconvenience in the subsequent data collection, analysis and processing. For line selection personnel, the hidden dangers of line inspection work can not be ignored. They have to face the reality that many high-voltage transmission lines are erected in high mountains and even deep mountains and forests and other highly risky areas

UAV power line patrol was born under this background

compared with the traditional power inspection method, it can easily realize the operation between the high mountains and forests, deep mountains and old forests, rivers and lakes, which are more difficult to operate. It is not only more efficient and safer, but also gradually realizes the accuracy effect equivalent to that of professional cameras in terms of operation accuracy. The damaged parts of the line that are difficult to be found manually can be clearly studied and judged through the aerial inspection of UAVs

how high is the efficiency of UAV power line patrol

it is estimated that a power inspection drone with a market price of about 200000 to 1million can complete the workload every day, which is equivalent to the workload of hundreds of workers. More than 10 power workers need a whole day to repair the tower, and the drone can complete it in an hour. This means that UAV line patrol can greatly save labor costs

there were helicopters and airships in the early stage of UAV electric line patrol, but helicopters are difficult to get close to the target, resulting in insufficient accuracy of line patrol, and its price is relatively high. It is in the face of this reality that multi rotor rose, and then became popular in the field of electric line patrol. Its portability, the high-quality effect obtained by being more flexible to approach the patrol target, and the relatively low price have become important reasons for the popularity of multi rotor

according to the "market analysis and prospect prediction of civil UAVs in China" compiled by Yuchen, in 2009, the State Grid Corporation of China officially approved the development of UAV patrol system. By the end of 2012, its "UAV patrol adaptability research in high altitude areas" team took one month to achieve the flight test at the highest altitude in the country. In March, 2013, Guodian established the inspection mode of helicopter, UAV and manual coordination, and conducted pilot projects in Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places

Nanfang power also put forward the idea of "unmanned aerial vehicle line patrol" in 2009, which comes from the transmission station of Pu'er Power Supply Bureau. In 2014, the first transmission line helicopter inspection operation center of Nanfang power was established, and all subsidiaries quickly carried out UAV operations

after several years of exploration, unmanned aerial vehicles have played an increasingly important role in the fields of power inspection, fault disposal and power construction and setting out

operation and maintenance mode "machine patrol is the main, supplemented by human Patrol"

in terms of realizing UAV power line patrol, the best development is Nanfang power

according to insiders in Dajiang, as early as when spirit 3 came out, it was taken by the other party to do experiments. "In 2016, let's take a look at the classification and equipment parameters of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine. Let's introduce it in detail. Let's begin to formally talk with them about how to do the solution. Before, it was basically passive, and at this time, the other party changed from passive to active." The insider said that in the field of electric power line patrol, the growth rate of Dajiang UAV has reached 80% to 100% every year. Equipped with Dajiang professional A3 Pro Flight Control System and equipped with three sets of IMU and GNSS modules, the longitude and latitude M600 pro, which can realize six-way redundant navigation system with software analysis redundancy, is considered to be a Dajiang UAV that is widely used in the field of electric power line patrol. The aircraft can be equipped with high-precision d-rtk GNSS, Greatly improve flight reliability, provide centimeter level positioning accuracy, and effectively eliminate magnetic interference

power inspection UAV/figure source network

"the main reason why southern power runs faster than national power is that the sky is high and the emperor is far away", the insider said. After Nanfang power expressed that it would start to promote in 2016, it has achieved a great improvement in 2017. This year, Nanfang power drone line patrol has basically been fully launched, and Nanfang power has also become the fastest-growing company in domestic power line patrol and the most prominent company in current power line patrol. In response to relevant information, Nanfang power revealed that in 2015, the company established the first professional organization of machine patrol in Guangdong - Guangdong power company machine patrol operation center, to build a machine patrol operation demonstration base. "In just three years, the annual inspection scale of Guangdong electric power company's unmanned aerial vehicles has been increased from 2000 kilometers to 80000 kilometers, realizing the 'day + night' full-time inspection. The inspection of power lines has been increased from 4 kilometers/person day of traditional human patrol to 14.5 kilometers/person day, and the efficiency has been improved by 2.6 times." The relevant person in charge of the data analysis department of its line patrol operation center said that through the intelligent operation of UAVs, 2T of data will be generated every day. The private cloud processing analysis built by more than 100 servers can evaluate and predict the equipment risk in a multi-dimensional manner. "In the process of machine patrol, data such as visible light, infrared image and high-precision position information will be output to complete the accumulation of big data." It is understood that at present, Guangdong electric power company machine patrol center has built a 45000 km transmission digital channel covering 68% of the main power transmission, which realizes the all-round patrol data recording and three-dimensional model collection of transmission equipment and channel environment. It is expected that the machine patrol can produce 0.7pb of data this year

at the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China has also included UAV patrol inspection into the lean assessment indicators of transmission lines

by the end of 2017, all units of the company's system were equipped with more than 1800 UAVs of various types. In 2017, UAVs inspected more than 210000 towers and found more than 50000 defects. Among them, "According to the location of defects, the defects of line equipment and ancillary facilities at and above the bottle mouth of the pole and tower are the main ones, accounting for 75.8%; according to the classification of defects, the general defects are the main ones, accounting for 87.2%; according to the classification of defects, the defects of hardware are the main ones, accounting for 42.7%. UAVs are widely used in all units of the company system to carry out line inspection, which has played a prominent role in the G20 summit, the BRICs conference, the National Games and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Unmanned aerial vehicle inspection has become an indispensable means of transmission line operation and maintenance. "

with the vigorous promotion of UAV line patrol by Nanfang power and national household appliances, a line operation and maintenance mode based on "machine patrol, supplemented by human Patrol" is taking shape in an all-round way

intelligent line operation management and control will be realized in the future.

at present, in terms of UAV production enterprises related to power line patrol, there are domestic manufacturers such as ewater, Zhendi, AVIC Aviv and CorBit, as well as foreign enterprises such as microdrones in Germany and Delair Tech in France. At present, China has built six trans provincial electricity, namely, the south, northwest, East China, central China, North China and Northeast China. By 2020, the total mileage of China's transmission lines will reach more than 1.59 million kilometers, accounting for nearly half of the world's mileage, which means that the market prospect of power line patrol is very broad

to realize the standardization of power line inspection is a topic that cannot be bypassed in the development of power line inspection

In 2013, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued the Interim Provisions on the management of pilots of civil unmanned aerial vehicle systems, which took the first step towards the standardized management of unmanned aerial vehicles. In order to further standardize the power inspection, State Grid issued q/gdw "guidelines for the configuration of Aerial Transmission Line unmanned aerial vehicle inspection system", southern power also issued "technical specifications for aerial transmission line machine inspection photoelectric pod (Trial)", and China electricity Union issued dl/t "technical guidelines for Aerial Transmission Line unmanned aerial vehicle inspection", It will also be beneficial to speed up the transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities to standardize the machine inspection system and photoelectric pod

it should be pointed out that despite the rapid development of UAV line patrol, obstacle avoidance technology still needs to be improved in the process of operation, and the endurance problem of UAV also needs to be solved, especially in large-scale patrol, and the shortage of pilots is undoubtedly a thorny problem. According to national laws, regulations and relevant policies, promoting the training of UAV basic skills is the basic work of carrying out UAV patrol inspection in accordance with laws and regulations. Of course, only by deepening the UAV skill training based on electrical patrol inspection can we effectively improve the skill level of patrol inspectors

however, to continuously adapt to the future development, UAV line patrol must be combined with other technologies under the condition of ensuring the quality, cost and reliability of materials or products

according to industry reports, on July 31 this year, a multi rotor UAV of China Southern Power Company shuttled between the 110 kV Sanzhou substation and the 110 kV Xingliang substation in Foshan, realizing the automatic high-precision tower patrol of "station to station" for the first time in the system. The successful completion of this 5-kilometer air autopilot "marks the maturing of the UAV autopilot technology system formed by China Southern Power Company based on Beidou's high-precision positioning and the accumulation of big data in electronic digital channels." When talking about UAV line patrol, the relevant person in charge said, "UAV has great application potential in equipment operation and management businesses similar to power operation and maintenance, such as solar energy, wind power, micro parks, communication towers and so on."

it is understood that since this year, Nanfang power has issued a series of documents such as the "Regulations on the administration of the promotion and application of new technologies of Nanfang power company" and the guide for the application of new technologies, "continue to strengthen the deep integration of intelligent technologies in the production field, accelerate the application of cutting-edge technologies such as' cloud big things move to intelligence ', and strive to build a digital South and a smart south." Southern power company plans to complete the helicopter patrol of no less than 170000 kilometers and UAV patrol of no less than 200000 kilometers in 2018, and the multi rotor UAV will be fully deployed to the front-line team

the person concerned said that after successfully developing the supporting software and hardware equipment of UAV autopilot technology, the whole system has achieved self driving

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