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BHS Shanghai has started the third phase expansion project, and the whole line of delivery will increase to about 42 throughout the year.

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core tip: with the rapid development of corrugated box packaging industry, BOCAI machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: BHS Shanghai) has maintained rapid growth in performance for many consecutive years, while its corrugated line products have been in short supply, For this purpose. BHS Shanghai decided to launch the phase III plant and office space expansion project, and the commencement ceremony was held on June 13

[China Packaging News] with the rapid development of corrugated box packaging industry and the rapid growth of the performance of Bokai machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BHS Shanghai) for many years, its corrugated line products have been in short supply. Therefore. BHS Shanghai decided to launch the phase III plant and office space expansion project, and the commencement ceremony was held on June 13

the opening ceremony was presided over by christianengel, chairman of BHS, gunterhuber, director of Asia Pacific region, Wu Xiaohui, CEO of BHS Shanghai, Wu Yunbo, Deputy Secretary General of the paper products committee of China Packaging Federation, and Gu Hua, Secretary General of the paper products packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association. Longkun media China good packaging, as an invited guest, was honored to witness this historic moment

the corrugated box packaging industry is developing rapidly, and BHS tile lines are in short supply.

in 2002, BHS headquarters caught the trend of rapid development in the Asian market and established Bokai machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In December, 2003, BHS Shanghai phase I project started construction and was completed and put into operation in June, 2004. It covers an area of 4680 square meters and mainly produces corrugated rollers and paper receiving machines. In December, 2005, the second phase of the project was officially constructed, with the workshop covering an area of 11700 square meters, and the introduction of single-sided machines, double-sided machines and other equipment

over the past decade, BHS Shanghai has a plant area of 26555 square meters and an office area of 900 square meters. Its products cover corrugated cardboard production lines, corrugated rollers, service and training businesses, and has become BHS Asia Pacific headquarters and Asia Pacific R & D base. Top technology, excellent performance and the strong support of countless customers have made BHS Shanghai a leader in China's tile wire manufacturing industry

however, with the rapid development of the corrugated box packaging industry, the demand of carton packaging enterprises for high-end corrugated lines is rising, and the supply of high-end corrugated lines in BHS Shanghai has exceeded the demand. To this end, BHS Shanghai decided to expand its plant and increase production capacity to meet the strong demand of carton packaging enterprises, so as to help them improve productivity and competitiveness and maximize economic benefits

the number of whole lines that can be delivered throughout the year increased to 42, and the carton packaging enterprises ushered in a positive

on the day of the commencement ceremony, BHS director ecoflex ○ r had no advantage in price. Christianengel said that China is a very important market and will continue to maintain high-speed growth in the future. For BHS, the phase III expansion project can enable BHS to further expand the Chinese market and help more corrugated carton packaging enterprises to embark on the road of intelligent production

according to the introduction, the expansion project will add 7200 square meters of production workshops, 32 00 square meters of office space in 2012, and 1000 square meters of exhibition hall space. It is expected to be completed in January next year and put into operation in March next year. At that time, the total production area of BHS Shanghai workshop will reach 33755 square meters, and the whole line that can be delivered throughout the year can reach about 42. The output of corrugated single machine equipment such as single-sided machine and paper receiving machine will also increase significantly, and the aluminum in the manufacturing of copper aluminum transition terminals is expected to reach more than 900

the integrated factory hopes to realize the integration of design, R & D, production, display, sales and other functions in this design. The design concept revolves around BHS culture and takes "integration" as the theme. The new factory creatively combines the basic functions of the workshop with the exhibition to create a scientific, technological, brief and modern atmosphere. Among them, the exhibition hall space is designed to enhance the functions of product display and visit, reception and event affairs, and show the growth and achievements of BHS group and BHS Shanghai since its establishment through more visual and interactive experience

for domestic carton packaging enterprises, the substantial increase in BHS Shanghai's production capacity is undoubtedly good news. This means that more carton packaging enterprises will enjoy the high-quality service of BHS and the high-speed application of tile line

BHS has long adhered to the excellent quality of fully meeting customers' needs and supporting their every step of development. With more than 300 years of development history and more than 50 years of tile wire manufacturing experience, BHS group has always maintained perfect service, which has been highly praised in the carton packaging industry

in the future, BHS Shanghai will continue to use the most cutting-edge technology, a scientific research team with independent research and development capabilities, a stable service team, and ensure that the corrugated line products help customers achieve the best benefits and create new competitive advantages, so as to promote the vigorous development of the corrugated box packaging industry

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