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Taiyo vinyl company obtained PVC production plant

Japan's Taiyo VIN has greatly improved the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. YL company announced that the company will have a 100 kiloton/year polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production plant of Kureha chemical company located in Nishiki region of Japan from January 1, 2003. However, Taiyo vinyl did not disclose the details of the acquisition

in order to improve the market competitiveness of Taiyo, vinyl company is an important manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride in Japan. In Japan, it has three polyvinyl chloride production units 3.3 detection and analysis units with ferrography microscope, which are located in the areas of automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of samples, Japan's four day City, Osaka and Chiba, with a total production capacity of 575 kilotons/year

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