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Taiyuan coating collective price rise

Taiyuan coating collective price rise

October 20, 2008

[China coating information] the coolness of autumn began to deepen, but the decoration was "hot". Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages, such as dry weather, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and paint and paint are easy to dry, but there will also be some unique decoration sequelae. Life home specially integrates all kinds of home decoration information for you, and launches a family decoration guide series to decorate the most romantic and warm love nest for you

in recent days, I visited various building materials markets in Taiyuan. In a store specializing in a famous domestic paint brand, I saw that there are thousands of short-lived paints here, and the staff in the store are making new price tags. The boss said, "we have more than 100 varieties of paint prices rising today. The prices of 5-liter barrels of interior latex paint for general household use rose from 369 yuan to 378 yuan, and those of 15 liters rose from 869 yuan to 898 yuan. Most of the prices rose by 10 to 30 yuan. The prices of other varieties will also rise over time. In a decorative city near Bingzhou Road, the prices of paint and coatings also rose generally." A shopkeeper told that some brands are not very famous, and the price per barrel increased by a few yuan to more than ten yuan. The price of some famous brand paints increased by more than 100 yuan per barrel

every March and April is the peak season for home decoration to establish the second constant temperature field. The spring of paint and coating prices continues to rise after production, which undoubtedly increases the cost of home decoration for consumers. Ms. Hao, who is buying paint in the building materials market, told me that she had just bought a new house last winter and planned to have a warm spring and redecorate it. But now paint and other home decoration materials are generally rising, making her in a dilemma when buying. "Buy expensive ones. It will cost thousands of yuan more to decorate a house; buy cheap ones, and you are afraid that environmental protection will not meet the standard, which will affect the health of your family." Some businesses also said that the price rise had a certain impact on the sales of paint and coatings, and the sales of some varieties fell

a paint shop owner said that the main reason for the price increase was the soaring price of energy raw materials such as oil, which affected the price rise of paints and various adhesives. "Moreover, March has entered the peak season of decoration, and the market demand has expanded, so it is natural for prices to rise."

"in addition to the rise in raw material prices, the increase in transportation costs and labor costs is also an important reason." Taiyuan interior decoration Association South Africa highveld went bankrupt, resulting in the supply of vanadium free slag. A person in charge said that there are not many paint and coating processing enterprises in the province, and most of them rely on other provinces for transportation. Since the overload control of the province, it is strictly prohibited to overload transportation vehicles, so that the same transportation cost is spread on a small amount of products; In addition, since the beginning of this year, prices have been rising, making store rents and labor costs rising. It is also inevitable that the prices of paint, coating and other building materials will rise. The person in charge predicted that if the cost of raw materials and other costs are still increasing, the price of building materials will continue to rise in the future

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