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Taiwan Library released the latest report on publishing trends

according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan Library put forward the latest report on publishing trends on the 28th, and found that the publishing volume of paper books fell slightly, the sales rankings always dominated the top few by novels, and the phenomenon that fewer children did not affect the book market, and even a large number of Japanese translated books were published

it is reported that the statistical analysis of Taiwan libraries found that a total of 5117 publishing houses/units published 42118 new books in 2013. Compared with 2012, 187 species were reduced. Based on the average number of ISBN applications for new books in the past three years, the publication of paper books showed a slight decline, but the average number of ISBN applications was still more than 42331, which was not affected by the economic recession. In the face of the rise of digital publishing and the popularity of mobile vehicles, it is inevitable to impact the book publishing industry, especially the paper publishing of light novels and comics, which has a high growth rate, is deeply loved by young readers, and accounts for a very high proportion in the virtual and real channels

in terms of the categories of new books published, statistical analysis based on the types of commonly used topics in the market: literature and novels (including novels with different force values of light tension testing machine) account for the most books, with a total of 8559 kinds, accounting for 20.4% of the total number of new books; Secondly, Social Sciences (including statistics, education, etiquette and customs, society, finance and economics, law and politics, military, etc.) account for 3181 kinds, accounting for 7.6%; humanities, history and geography, including philosophy, religion, history and geography, biography, archaeology and other books account for 3072 kinds, accounting for 7.3%; and art - that is, music, architecture, sculpture, calligraphy and painting, photography, art, skills, drama and other books account for 3028 kinds Humanities, history and Geography (3013 kinds) and comic books (3013 kinds) account for 7.2% respectively

among the new books published in 2013, 9211 books were labeled as translated books, accounting for more than 21.9% of the total number of new books. These translated books mainly come from 5210 kinds of Japanese books (accounting for 56.6% of all translated books), followed by 2123 kinds of American books (accounting for 23.2% of translated books), 624 kinds of Korean books (accounting for 6.8%) and 512 kinds of British books (accounting for 5.6%) once the temperature is too high. Statistics show that the number of translated books in Japan, the United States and South Korea is the largest and has increased, and the only decrease is the United Kingdom

translated literature that ranks in the island's sales rankings, such as Hugh Howe's the wool (Nautilus Culture), Dan? Brown's hell (Times Culture), E.L. James' fifty shades of gray III: freedom (published by Chunguang), Haruki Murakami's colorless works and his year of tour (Times Culture), Rick? Leighton's "half blood camp Hero 3: imprint of wisdom" (Yuanliu) and keigo higano's "worry free grocery store" (crown Culture) are also the most eye-catching categories in the 2013 national sales ranking. Among them, "wool", "hell", "half blood camp hero", translated from the United States; "Gray's fifty shadows III: freedom" comes from Britain, while Haruki Murakami's "colorless works of tosaki and his year of the tour" is a best-selling book in Japan on setting up a pedestal under the upper base

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