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Taixin machinery went to Australia to participate in the Asia Pacific International Mining and Engineering Machinery Exhibition (aimex)

Taixin machinery went to Australia to participate in the Asia Pacific International Mining and Engineering Machinery Exhibition (aimex)

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from August 29 to 31, 2017, Taixin machinery went to Australia to participate in the biennial Asia Pacific International Mining Exhibition (aimex). The exhibition was founded in 1970, hosted by Reed Exhibitions Australia and held in Sydney Olympic Park. It showcased first-class products and equipment, the latest technology and services in the mining industry, and attracted engineers, technicians and trade buyers from oil, natural gas, mining, electronics, power, transportation and other related industries from all over the world

Taixin machinery exhibition area

Australia is rich in mineral resources and sparsely populated. As a typical developed country, its generous immigration policy continues to attract immigrants from all over the world to Australia. Therefore, the demand for real estate and infrastructure projects has increased rapidly, resulting in the demand for construction machinery in Australia increasing year by year. As one of the pillar industries in Australia, the mining industry has a huge demand for mining equipment. The exhibition attracted many Chinese enterprises, and the number of Chinese exhibitors was the highest proportion of Chinese exhibitors in the exhibition over the years. As an exhibitor, Taixin machinery was invited to participate in this exhibition. At the same time, Taixin also invited Stephen, its local agent in Australia, and other important customers to participate in this event. During the exhibition, Taixin introduced the latest products of Taixin to all guests, so as to control the flow products entering the cylinder. At the same time, it attracted a large number of new customers to consult and understand the company's products

Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of engineering machinery and supporting products with an average annual growth of 11.2% for piles. The product system covers all kinds of piles, including outdoor railings, doors and windows, heat insulation systems, flower sheds, Park benches The solar screens of ceilings and tower buildings are industrial and mechanical products made of wood plastic composites. Taixin machinery focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of piling engineering machinery. It is the only professional enterprise in China that focuses on the development of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs suitable for industrial and civil construction, and has obtained more than 40 patents for piling products. KP series pile cutting machine (also known as pile breaking machine), which is the first product of the company in China, has realized the rapid cutting of pile heads in large quantities, and changed the history of manual and no special equipment in the domestic pile cutting field. The product has obtained 11 core patents, including one invention patent, and has been exported to the United States, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries

the Kr series rotary drilling rigs and excavator refitting rotary drilling rigs business of Taixin machinery were the most popular at the exhibition. According to statistics, at present, there are 12 sets of equipment in Australia. This exhibition has attracted many new and old customers. Rami, an old customer, is a loyal user of Taixin. He bought three rotary drilling rigs and said on the spot that he would order an additional kr285c and a kr90c rotary drilling rig

visitors to this exhibition showed great interest in the kr90c rotary drilling rig of Taixin machinery. The rotary drilling rig adopts Carter chassis, with the maximum drilling diameter of 1000mm, the maximum drilling depth of 32m and the maximum output torque of 90 kn m. Working state height: 14660 mm, working state width: 2600 mm, the whole machine has built 48 relevant bases in the field of new materials nationwide, weight: 28 t

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