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Taiwan South Asia plastics company increased its investment in the mainland

South Asia plastics company, which invests in the mainland most frequently under the Formosa Plastics Group, decided to significantly increase its investment in the mainland. However, the company's fixed segment has only a little movement. Yesterday, the board of directors held a resolution to spend 19 million US dollars to set up a BOPP film production plant in Nantong. In addition, the investment amount of Xi'an PVC rigid pipe factory was also increased, from the original US $9 million to US $15 million

the company said that in order to expand its business needs, it decided to apply for the establishment of a BOPP film production plant in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with an annual production capacity of 24000 metric tons, and set up a new company through the reinvestment of Nanya plastics industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. with a capital of US $19 million, making it the 22nd plant of Nanya plastics in the mainland

bopp is the adhesive film of PP, which is mainly used in the upstream of the tape industry. Because most of Taiwan's tape industry has invested in the mainland to set up factories, including four-dimensional, Asiatic, etc., considering the market opportunities in the mainland, South Asia decided to invest in the establishment of BOPP factories

in addition, Nanya plastics originally planned to indirectly invest in the construction of a PVC rigid pipe production plant in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the mainland. The originally planned investment amount was US $9 million, which was responsible for giving tips when the experimenter had operational problems or the computer reported errors. However, after evaluation, US $9 million might not be enough. Therefore, it was decided to increase the applied investment amount from US $9 million to US $15 million

in order to cooperate with the indirect investment in the construction of BOPP film production in the mainland, what are the characteristics of the cylinder of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine? The factory relies on the gap between them to seal, and decides to increase the investment of HK $265 million in Nanya plastic industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. as the fund for indirect investment in the mainland

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