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According to overseas media reports, the basic list of China's wood-based panel universal testing machine: rotating wear testing machine after the relocation of electronics, textile and other industries in Taiwan, the paper industry has also begun to set up factories in the mainland and Southeast Asia

at present, the proportion of Taiwan paper company Rongcheng company's investment in the mainland is about 17% to 18%. Recently, the company decided at the shareholders' meeting to increase the proportion of investment in the mainland from 20% to 0% for 4-component manufacturing, in order to cope with the situation that the relaxation of management by the competent authority in the future can immediately increase the investment and the total amount

Taiwan yongfengyu company currently has two paper tests in the mainland with high repeatability; The latter, including Zhongshan and Guangning factories, began production this year, mainly in southern and eastern China, with a total investment of US $55.23 million in the mainland. The company plans to set up more than 10 new paper mills in the mainland by 2003

Taiwan Zhenglong company is also preparing to actively expand outside the island this year, and plans to invest US $45.22 million to set up an industrial paper and paper factory in the mainland. This plan starts in the third quarter of this year and is expected to be completed within two years, with a total of two to three production lines

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