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Taiwan photovoltaic manufacturers invest cautiously in the photovoltaic market in Chinese Mainland

the demand for solar energy in Chinese Mainland continues to increase. However, considering the existing risks, Taiwan photovoltaic manufacturers believe that the best way to enter the photovoltaic market in Chinese Mainland is to provide products such as solar cells rather than project investment

in view of the escalating photovoltaic trade war, the Chinese government has been trying to ensure a stable distribution channel in the solar supply chain by increasing subsidies and stimulating market demand

some non solar enterprises are quite interested in building photovoltaic power stations in Chinese Mainland. For example, automobile manufacturing is a topic to be touched by the polyurethane industry. The manufacturer BYD plans to build a 500MW photovoltaic power station in Shanxi Province, China

in addition, it is reported that Chinese state-owned enterprises have been contacting upstream solar manufacturers, which are currently suffering from net losses, with a view to expanding strategic alliances

Taiwan's solar manufacturers pointed out that in view of the complexity of the application process, project design, construction, and power generation, it is still difficult to get a share of the Chinese Mainland photovoltaic market and then click to reset the market. In this regard, the relationship between enterprises and the government plays an important role. China glass () department in a short time

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