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Taiyuan heavy industry products have been certified by the world's largest classification society DNV

Taiyuan heavy industry products have been certified by the world's largest classification society DNV

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recently, it was learned from Taizhong Forging Branch that after nearly a year of application, the products of this branch have been certified by DNV (DET Norske Veritas), and have been approved by the headquarters of DNV classification society and issued with factory approval certificates. This is another classification society factory certification obtained by Taizhong Forging Branch after CCS, ABS and GL factory certification. DNV is now the largest classification society in the world, and the certification can broaden the way for the branch to develop new products and form new economic growth points in the future

on March 30, 2015, the 10000 container marine shafting forgings manufactured by the company for Jiangsu new Yangtze Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. were successfully shipped. A set of 4 forgings for new Yangzi Wanxiang ship, including 1 propeller shaft and 3 intermediate shafts, of which the largest propeller shaft specification is Φ 1680 × It is 13740mm, the rough processing unit weight is 83.336 tons, the use of steel ingots is 186 tons, and the weight of the whole set of ship parts is 272 tons, which can be called a major breakthrough in the history of ship parts manufacturing. Jiangsu new Yangtze Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is the largest private shipbuilding enterprise in China, and its shipbuilding capacity ranks at the domestic advanced level. As a newly developed ship type of the company in 2012, 10000 container ships are also the largest ship type manufactured by the company at present. Since its listing, the company has manufactured more than 20 ships in total, and the ship that is too heavy is No. 19. The manufacturer and supplier of 10000 cases of marine key components of shafting forgings must be reviewed and approved by the ship owner's representative. This product has been manufactured by Erzhong and Doosan Heavy Industries of South Korea before

since the establishment of taiheavy 10000 ton press project, the market of large marine forgings has been taken as the key development market, and the market is positioned as bulk cargo marine forgings of more than 300000 tons. In the whole manufacturing process of 10000 container marine shafting forgings, the branch also applied for the recycled material to be approved by the modified DNV factory, and finally obtained the approval of the DNV factory on February 5. This certification can produce the largest Jinan trial about the 170 ton super large marine forgings of Lubrizol's golden ring stiffness testing machine. At present, ignoring the existence of more and more composite materials, the production capacity of the new system in the 10000 ton workshop of the manufacturing branch has been greatly enhanced, and it has fully possessed the production capacity of 170 tons of marine forgings. In addition, the CCS, ABS, GL factory approval certificates previously held by the branch have opened up a new journey for the branch to expand the domestic large-scale ship market in the future

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