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Taiwan research confirms that plasticizers affect male fertility

after three years of research, the research team of Li junzhang, a professor at Taiwan Chenggong University, found that plasticizers entering men's bodies will inhibit testosterone secretion, resulting in low testicular function. The research suggests that men should reduce the consumption of plastic wrapped food, and should also reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic cups to bring hot food or beverages to reduce the intake of plasticizers

a small number of parliamentarians are motivated by self-interest In 2011, a large-scale incident of excessive plasticizer addition to food broke out in Taiwan, which had an impact on Taiwan's food industry and exports. The affected areas include children's cold syrup, well-known night market snacks in Taipei, sports drinks, fruit juices, tea drinks, etc. at that time, it was verified that more than 500 products in Taiwan may be contaminated, which can be called the most serious food poisoning incident in 30 years

Li junzhang, Professor of the Institute of industrial hygiene and environmental medicine at Taiwan Chenggong University, and his research team published a study on "plasticizers and male infertility" on the 16th, which has been published in international journals. Li junzhang said that from 2011 to 2014, the pressure calibration cooperated with the infertility clinic of Chengdu University Hospital to screen 259 male adults with infertility as the case group and 39 men with pregnant spouses as the control group, and measure their body plasticizer concentration and testicular function indicators respectively

The results showed that the concentration of plasticizer in adult men with infertility was about 1 to 2 times that of men in the control group. When the concentration of plasticizer in the body was higher, INSL3 was lower, testosterone and free testosterone in the body also decreased, and testicular function was significantly affected

Li junzhang said that plasticizer is a kind of fragrance fixing agent. The thicker the flavor, the higher the content of the product may be. It is recommended to use it as little as possible. The amount of personal hygiene products used by infertile men, including bath milk, shampoo, facial cleanser, shaving cream and perfume, is higher, while the higher the amount of use, the higher the concentration of plasticizer in the body

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