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Σ Co time Huawei eco university is broadcasting! The first show focuses on the application of blockchain in epidemic prevention and control

in order to enable ecological partners to timely grasp the future value trend, development and investment opportunities of ICT technology during the epidemic period, and deepen their understanding of industrial applications, at 3 p.m. on March 12, 2020, Huawei ecological University invited Dr. Chen Zhong, Professor of School of information science and technology of Peking University and director of blockchain Research Center, to visit the co time live studio, More than 5000 ecological partners who signed up to watch the live broadcast explained the policies related to blockchain and the application practices in the epidemic, which were highly praised by Huawei's ecological partners

blockchain ecology is taking shape.

Dr. Chen Zhong said that he had made many speeches on blockchain before, but this time was different. He adjusted the problems that Huawei partners were most concerned about before, focusing on the development prospects and innovative applications of blockchain technology

he said that the most important thing the government attaches to blockchain is to strengthen basic research, improve original innovation ability, occupy the commanding height of innovation and gain new industrial advantages. Blockchain is not an isolated technology application. Its promotion and application actually play a role in the construction of blockchain industrial ecology. It is not easy to cause end damage to play its role in the integration application. Dr. Chen Zhong pointed out that in the future, China will build a blockchain industrial ecology, accelerate the deep integration of blockchain with cutting-edge information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and IOT, and promote integrated innovation and integrated application

he also stressed that blockchain, as a scientific and technological means, will play an important role in supporting social governance, establishing a national governance system and modernizing governance capacity in the future. At present, the role of blockchain in rebuilding trust and establishing new production relations has become prominent, which deserves our attention

during the anti epidemic period, blockchain restructured the foundation of charitable trust

when introducing the application practice of blockchain, Dr. Chen Zhong described many applications of blockchain in the fields of financial supervision, government affairs and enterprise data security, in which he particularly emphasized the implementation of blockchain during the anti epidemic period

in the early stage of epidemic prevention and control, the donation and allocation of medical materials caused many doubts. Therefore, based on the core technology of domestic autonomous and controllable blockchain, relevant departments launched a neutral, reliable and open public welfare platform for the deposit of medical material donation information, so as to achieve the deposit of donation information and the tracking of the use of donated materials including funds, realize the process can be supervised, and report to donors in real time. In the future, it is planned to further standardize the charity industry and rebuild the trust foundation

for the future development of blockchain, Dr. Chen Zhong said that at present, blockchain is taking the way of open source community autonomy. In fact, there are not many real blockchain underlying technology development enterprises in our country. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data in the information society play an important role in improving productivity, changing processing objects and transforming means of production. Blockchain plays a unique role in reconstructing means of production. He pointed out that people have begun to realize that going to the cloud and chain is not only information, but also changes social governance and social economic structure. Therefore, he personally believes that blockchain is indispensable to realize China's fifth modernization (modernization of social governance)

in the live broadcast room, more than 5000 partners signed up to watch the live broadcast. The comment area began to brush the screen from time to time to ask questions. After the speech, Dr. Chen Zhong also set aside a question answering time to answer the questions of Huawei partners

from technology to products to solutions

enabling partner 360 has no dead ends

the person in charge of Huawei ecological University explained that the reason why Dr. Chen Zhong was invited to the training was that at present, many of Huawei's ecological partners have a long-term vision. They are not only satisfied with the current product sales, but are eager to understand the future growth space, policy environment and business value vision of more technologies. Among them, blockchain technology is a hot technology with more ecological partner consulting

during the epidemic period, in addition to arranging training on new technologies, Huawei eco University also provided partners with relevant training on new products and new solutions in 2020. Through the human-computer interface, they can query the cause of faults, help partners complete knowledge iteration, jointly promote solutions in key industries, and help expand opportunities. For example, in the solution training, Huawei recommended the most popular welink+ec zone, Kunpeng shengteng online lecture hall, fertile land digital platform, telemedicine solutions, etc. to ecological partners. In the product technology training, LinkedIn of Huawei eco university plans to access the spring training collection and the direct course of data communication certification. The distribution e-learning school has arranged the 2020 spring training collection and the 2020 service product technology exchange and sharing. In addition, it has also set up a management e-school executive course, sales micro scene certification, and cultivate partners' special abilities

the training of industry talents in the future is also the top priority of Huawei eco University. Huawei has been carrying out talent training to ensure that fresh blood is continuously imported into the industry. In Colleges and universities, Huawei eco university has cooperated deeply with Peking University to launch a series of machine learning courses, including not only theoretical teaching but also practical teaching. Among them, Huawei modelarts is very popular among college teachers and students. It helps students quickly create and deploy models and manage the full cycle AI workflow

in his speech, Dr. Chen Zhong also expressed his appreciation for the actions of Huawei eco University. He believes that large international enterprises such as Huawei have been actively cultivating ecological partners to improve their ecological ability. Therefore, steel enterprises are mostly wait-and-see partners in purchasing, and work with partners to promote the construction of ICT industry, which is of great significance to the industry; 1035 rdquo; The healthy development of the plan is very beneficial

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