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Σ Co time to open up the isolated island of collaboration, Huawei integration and collaboration conference brings a new cloud office experience

behind a sudden epidemic is the determination of the people of the whole country to win the anti epidemic war with one heart and one mind. At the same time, science and technology are also playing an important role. AI is accelerating the research and development of antiviral drugs, and big data is escorting every resident. Cloud computing provides computing support in the intelligent era.

nowadays, the resumption of production and work in many places across the country is being carried out in an orderly manner. Efficient collaborative office through cloud collaboration has become an ideal choice for government agencies and enterprises and institutions in all walks of life. In this issue, Huawei co time series columns focus on the unified interconnection between the cloud and the cloud, and help the efficient collaboration between government and enterprises. WangShouwen, the sales director of intelligent collaboration solutions of Huawei China's enterprise intelligent security solutions sales department, brought a wonderful share on the Huawei integrated collaboration conference system solution, telling how to quickly build and flexibly deploy an efficient integrated collaboration conference system

Wang Shouwen, sales director of intelligent collaboration solutions of Huawei China Enterprise Intelligent Security Solutions Sales Department, it is understood that Huawei's integrated collaboration conference system solution can realize the integration of in-house video and welink cloud services, provide government and enterprise customers with unified convening, unified scheduling, unified control and unified command of cross network video services, achieve extensive coverage to grass-roots units and individuals, and quickly launch business, Help government and enterprise customers better cope with business challenges. It can be seen that more and more governments at all levels, departments, bureaus and commissions are using hybrid cloud video for business, such as emergency consultation, administrative conference, mobile command, telemedicine, collaborative office, multi-party video, etc

Huawei's integrated collaborative conference system solution

in terms of internal expertise, has built an in-house video platform and IVS video cloud in the customer's data center computer room. The Huawei video platform supports end-to-end 4K ultra clear video, multiple backup (carrier level reliability), full stack security from chip to OS, and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. It has the capabilities of conference management (SMC), call control (SC), multimedia switching function (MCU), etc, It also provides a full range of video terminals, from desktop terminals, HD conference terminals, multi-functional smart devices to immersive smart devices, to meet the video conference experience needs of different users

Huawei integrated collaborative conference system solution system group

taking the government as an example, the ability to deal with trade protectionism is enhanced. In the central computer rooms at the provincial and municipal levels, video platforms (SMC, SC, MCU) and video cloud platforms are available. SMC can provide solutions for unified management and centralized control of video services, and support functions such as resource management, conference management, report statistics, alarm maintenance, etc, SC is an H.323 and sip standard call control and firewall traversal server, which can meet the cross network video communication needs of users' internal network and external network. In the county-level central computer room, only MCU and video cloud platform need to be deployed. A three-level deployment and two-level management business architecture will be formed as a whole to provide services for users in/out of e-government

WangShouwen disclosed that Huawei's integrated collaborative conference system solution can support efficient video communication between mobile users, external terminals, dedicated users and venues. For example, some village level areas have no dedicated coverage, and can access Huawei cloud welink through the Internet. Individual users can also access welink through the network, communicate with dedicated devices through the VDC integration gateway, and perform integrated scheduling through the VDC client

in general, Huawei's converged collaborative conference system solution has four highlights:

large capacity concurrent, stable and reliable. Based on welink public cloud + settled hybrid cloud deployment, online and offline are connected through hybrid cloud integration, and unified management. There are 1000 m3 concurrent on the cloud and 3000 m3 concurrent in the cloud. Multiple sets of applications can be superimposed, deployed on demand, quickly launched, and flexibly expanded to avoid disconnection and downtime

the video can be viewed from side to side and in the whole process. The video is horizontally connected to relevant units, facing the top leaders of the party and government, and connected to the health commission/CDC, hospitals, public security, emergency response, market supervision and other relevant departments, so as to quickly realize video consultation, coordinated command, and rapid deployment of prevention and control work

vertically to the bottom and controllable in the whole area. The video is vertically connected to the grass-roots units in the cities, counties, towns and villages. It faces the heads of the departments, bureaus, commissions and offices, and settles in the provinces, cities and counties. The welink cloud service + cloud video terminal is connected to the epidemic prevention and control points of towns and villages and the committees of towns and villages to get through the last kilometer of epidemic prevention and control/video consultation

connect to people, have rich businesses, and make it easier for people to connect with equipment to improve organizational wisdom. Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. believes that everyone knows that rubber has an extension rate. Through welink, it connects managers, medical experts, patients and their families, epidemic prevention personnel, enterprise workers, etc. to achieve efficient communication anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it has built-in address book, health clock, group instant messaging, video conference attendance, approval, to-do and other rich applications to meet the needs of remote collaborative office

Huawei VDC integration gateway is a software product based on general server deployment, which can be deployed quickly and lightweight, and provides unified conference management and control, video fusion scheduling functions, so as to further improve the conference experience. On the one hand, a hybrid cloud conference including an in-house venue and a public cloud venue can be convened in a unified manner. There are two tabs on the cloud and under the cloud, which can be added to the same conference; On the other hand, it can be controlled in a unified way. It can be presented hierarchically on and off the cloud. It supports one click control. In addition, VDC also provides the ability to integrate video and video monitoring, and supports browsing the camera list and accessing the monitoring picture on the scheduling page

vdc visual scheduling function

in terms of construction mode, five types can be selected according to different business scenarios:

flexible adaptive construction mode

the first mode: from fixed video conference to mobile client access, greatly improve the coverage, add new tools such as messages, groups, team collaboration, meetings, health punch in, OA, cloud and cloud collaboration, and improve the efficiency of office collaboration

the second mode: the stock welink cloud service extends the in-house video and supports a variety of conference modes. It can not only enjoy the in-house HD conference experience, but also enjoy the convenience brought by the cloud service. The customer experience is upgraded

the third mode: cloud to cloud connectivity, protection of existing investment, integration of conference and monitoring, unified scheduling and management, and improvement of user experience

the fourth mode: the stock of heterogeneous brand video networks and Huawei hybrid cloud are integrated, the old terminals are used, and the video monitoring access is expanded at the same time; Provide customers with full-featured, cloud on cloud and cloud off cloud integrated services, and build an efficient collaborative office and command and dispatching system

the fifth mode: from monitoring to consultation and command, two-way interaction, integration of monitoring and conference, unified scheduling, new collaborative office services such as message, group, team collaboration, conference, health punch in, OA, etc

accelerate the digital transformation of the industry

with the help of Huawei's integrated collaborative conference system solution, the collaborative office efficiency of government and enterprise departments across the country will be greatly improved, in order to gradually return to work The steel wire torque tester is equipped with a small angle device, which has laid a solid digital foundation for the production, and the new experience in the cloud office era comes from this

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