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In order to adhere to the principle of "spending less, doing more and doing good things" in the complex decoration market, it is not only necessary to understand the decoration project

to adhere to the principle of "spending less, doing more and doing good things" in the complex decoration market, we need not only to understand the decoration project, but also some skills to wander in the Jianghu. Fortunately, our predecessors have set many examples, and we just need to learn

tricks 1 participate in group buying

the most common and common money saving tricks. Such activities can be organized by professional online media, and can also be attended by communities or purely online groups; The law is that the more people there are, the more attractive the discount is. Participants can enjoy more favorable discounts than stores, and such activities are often accompanied by handsome boys and beautiful women singing and dancing, and sometimes there are various types of lottery, and maybe they will draw something back

disadvantages: because it is too common, the enthusiasm of manufacturers is easy to be frustrated, and the discount is easy to be unattractive. Novices should pay attention to comparing the discount prices of real-time stores before starting

difficulty index: ★

trick 2 find the right time to start again

the secret of this trick is "timing". The regular use time is "May Day" and "National Day". Basically all businesses are doing activities at the price of spitting blood. The competition is particularly fierce and it is easy to get benefits. Many things that are usually worn out and only receive a 20% discount are 50% off at this time. It's also about gadgets. Many high-end furniture brands, such as Natuzzi, will have member special offers at a fixed time every year, with a minimum of 30% discount. Pay attention

disadvantages: it is not easy to match the time, so we need to do a lot of homework in advance, such as brand, color, texture and other product series

difficulty index: ★★

trick 3 bargaining is reasonable

this trick is a stupid way to test people's foot strength and endurance. If you want to buy something cheap, don't go to the supermarket. The crowded market is cheaper; Similarly, try to pick remote corners and basements in the same store

in terms of location, it is recommended that you go to the small market near the big building materials city. Many designers control costs and go there to buy goods. Of course, it is a test of professional vision. You will also find shops that can customize products here, and the price is certainly cheaper than what you buy

disadvantages: it requires abundant physical strength, super patience, and the determination to "pick up gold in the garbage"

difficulty index: ★★★

trick 4 DIY

this trick seems to have become a trend in white-collar workers. It is common to paint a wall and change a wallpaper by yourself, but the highest realm and the easiest way to save money is design. In the context of comprehensive design fees, a 100 square meter house has to hand over 4000 ~ 5000 yuan, so it's better to see more model rooms and professional magazines, and then consult several decoration companies to synthesize the plan

disadvantages: it especially tests the cultivation skills in aesthetics and design. Those with weak internal skills should be selected carefully

difficulty index: ★★★

trick 5 camouflage designer

this trick is really a little damaging, but there is no way. Who can let the designer get the lowest price? If you want to look like it, you'd better wear T-shirts and jeans, which look like you're always on the construction site, and then wear a laptop to disguise it. If you want to show the sample drawing to the customer at any time, you can negotiate with the boss. Some jargon and product abbreviations should be clear in mind when talking, so as not to reveal the truth. If the merchant still doesn't believe you, he can use a unique trick: tell him to raise the price on the invoice, so that he thinks you're taking a rebate, and naturally what he gives you is the base price

disadvantages: it requires superb acting skills and the quality of dealing with chaos, as well as a clear understanding of industry knowledge. Non ordinary people can challenge it

difficulty index: ★★★★

tricks 6 building materials city promotion has benefits and traps

when the peak decoration season comes, major building materials cities will hold promotional activities such as discounts, gifts, raffles, etc. which activities can consumers get the most benefits

trick 7 direct discount

although direct discount is popular, it is inevitably limited. There are few opportunities for famous brands to discount directly, and it is often the brands with low popularity that excessively adopt the means of discount. If you want to understand the discount clearly, you need to go to several building materials cities for comparison, and lock in holiday rush buying at the same time. In addition, taking advantage of the competition between merchants may obtain more discounts

tricks 8 shopping rebates

due to the abuse and restrictions of some businesses, the way of rebates has been controversial. Its best use scope is the situation that there are many kinds of shopping needs and one-stop shopping is required. In addition, it is also necessary to calculate carefully: the total amount of money to be spent ÷ the total price of goods purchased = the average discount, and then compare them. Don't be fooled by the surface amount of the rebate

trick 9 limited time rush purchase

some building materials cities and building materials supermarkets will launch a 3-hour 5-fold limited time rush purchase. This activity has a high gold content, but we should pay attention to whether these discounted goods are discounted on the basis of the original price

trick 10 shopping lottery

needless to say, there is a discount lottery, which is calculated according to the discount, but the discount rate is not high, mostly 9.5%. Consumers should regard the lottery as an added value, pay attention to core values such as quality, service and environmental protection, and do not blindly pursue prizes




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