Purchasing skills of living room solid wood TV cab

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Although many owners now like to embed TVs on the wall, I believe that more people still want to choose TV cabinets to place TVs compared with safety. Nowadays, there are many brands and varieties of TV cabinets on the market, and solid wood TV cabinets are more favored by people. But how to choose living room solid wood TV cabinet? How to maintain the TV cabinet in daily life? Follow Xiaobian to understand and have a look

1. Living room solid wood TV cabinet - purchasing skills

a. When purchasing, we should also consider its heat dissipation, and pay attention to the structure of the TV cabinet. In addition to the position of placing the TV, we should also reserve some other positions, so that we can fully consider the position of changing the TV in the future

b. The TV should be placed in the position where we are sitting, with the line of sight parallel or facing down. The height of the TV cabinet should be 20-40 cm, which is the most reasonable

c, another very important point is that the selection of TV cabinets should be based on functionality, which should be able to give full play to the functions of electrical appliances. If the size of the TV is not large, but the weight is relatively heavy, we should consider the bearing capacity of the TV cabinet when choosing

d. The selected TV cabinet should also match the overall style of the living room. We need to measure the style, material and color, so as not to create an abrupt feeling. If we can design some highlights on the TV cabinet, the visual effect will be better

2. Maintenance method of living room solid wood TV cabinet

a. it is said that dust is omnipresent, so we should wipe the TV cabinet regularly. It is suggested that it is best to scrub with a soft cloth, and it is also feasible to use a feather duster; However, to avoid gravity switching, the door panel and drawer of the TV cabinet, especially the door panel of the TV cabinet is decorated with glass, so it needs to be more careful. It is easy to damage it if you are careless

b. In the process of use, sometimes there will be some noise or the sliding door is stuck. At this time, don't worry, and don't push and pull them with force. In addition to seeing whether there are sundries and other things, the parts of the sliding door should be lubricated regularly, so as to enhance the service life of the TV cabinet

Xiaobian conclusion: the relevant information about the living room solid wood TV cabinet is introduced here. I believe that Xiaobian's sorting will be of some help to you. In many kinds, solid wood TV cabinet is still a kind of TV cabinet material that consumers like, solid and durable. Of course, daily maintenance and care are still very necessary, otherwise no amount of money will be used




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