Energy saving aluminum alloy doors and windows

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Energy saving and green has become a social consensus, which is also reflected in all aspects of our life. As a part of architecture, doors and windows are also keeping up with the pace of the times

the new darling of the door and window industry, energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows

energy saving and green, has become a social consensus and is also reflected in all aspects of our life. As a part of architecture, doors and windows are also keeping up with the pace of the times. From profiles, glass, hardware and other door and window accessories, they are developing in a more energy-saving and green direction, which is also the requirement of the whole society. Among the three major energy consumption of the whole society, building energy consumption accounts for more than 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, while the energy consumption lost through doors and windows accounts for 50% of the total energy consumption of buildings. Therefore, the system energy-saving doors and windows is the key link of building energy conservation

1. Design and selection of profiles

why are people more and more interested in aluminum alloy bridge broken? First, the heat insulation strip is used in the middle of the aluminum alloy bridge broken, which effectively prevents heat transmission. Second, the multi cavity structure can also block heat transmission. According to different needs, the width of profiles is different, the size of cavities is different, and the heat insulation effect is also different. Of course, the price is also different. The use of aluminum alloy broken bridge reduces the influence of indoor ambient temperature with outdoor temperature, and effectively reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning, so as to achieve the role of energy conservation, and also makes the whole home environment more green and healthy. This is also the reason why people increasingly like to choose aluminum alloy broken bridge as the profile of doors and windows, which also reflects people's awareness of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of the quality of the home environment

2. Choice of glass

now most door and window glasses choose hollow glass, which mainly has good heat and sound insulation. Because there is dry gas in the hollow glass, there will be no fog on the glass when there is a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, which improves the permeability and viewing effect of window households. Of course, the sound insulation effect of vacuum glass is better and the cost is higher. As far as the southern region is concerned, because the southern region is hot in summer and cold in winter, and the high temperature cycle is long, the selection of glass should not be like the selection of transparent glass with good daylighting in severe cold regions, but should choose low heat reflection, such as heat reflection coated insulating glass and Low-E insulating glass

3. Hardware accessories

someone said, "hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows, not supporting roles." Hardware accessories play a significant role in energy-saving doors and windows, which is not only closely related to the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also plays a very important role in safety and other performance. Selection of material of hardware accessories choosing hardware accessories with good material is the basic guarantee of good quality and energy-saving doors and windows. Hardware fittings with poor materials are easy to age and crack. This can lead to inflexible opening or failure to open and close doors and windows, which can not only not ensure the air tightness and energy saving of building doors and windows, but also endanger people's life safety. Therefore, when choosing hardware fittings, we must choose brand products with quality assurance, and we can't be greedy for cheap, and lose big with small

4. Construction technology and installation

the first few points are the requirements of several groups of components of doors and windows, but it is important to choose components reasonably, and the correct combination of various components into a system is a perfect energy-saving door and window. Therefore, Guanhao editor believes that when selecting door and window assembly plants, it is also very critical to choose powerful and experienced door and window assembly plants




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