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Vanke's "floor door" storm has not subsided, and recently broke out the "cardboard door". The well-known real estate enterprises are deep in the mire of failing to pass the decoration materials. Even the Xinghewan project, which has always been famous for its high-end and has few projects, has also been complained about the quality of fine decoration by the owners of its Taiyuan project. People can't help asking, what happened to real estate enterprises

a senior insider in the housing decoration industry told reporters that under the regulation of the real estate market, since developers have strictly controlled the costs of all links since the design link, many developers are more inclined to find "pheasant" decoration construction teams. Under the subcontracting of the project at all levels, the quality of each room is naturally difficult to ensure

previously, Vanke's "floor door" was preparing to come to an end, and the Internet raised doubts about another well-known real estate enterprise, Xinghewan

on March 16, an article questioning the quality of fine decoration of Xinghewan Taiyuan project appeared on the Internet. At a "integrity and responsibility" real estate summit forum held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, dozens of owners from Xinghewan, Taiyuan, suddenly appeared at the venue and asked to prohibit Xinghewan from being awarded Awards for integrity and responsibility. The owner said that the quality of the luxury hardbound rooms delivered by Xinghewan was seriously inferior

the "quality gate" just appeared in Xinghewan, and Vanke fell into the "cardboard gate"

the real estate in Xinghewan, Taiyuan was opened on July 31, 2010. At that time, the average price of commercial housing in Taiyuan was 5000 yuan/square meter, while the hardbound houses in Xinghewan sold at an average price of about 20000 yuan/square meter

Xinghewan subsequently issued an open letter to the media, saying that it attached great importance to this incident, and immediately launched an urgent investigation procedure to carry out an active and serious investigation on relevant issues. Taiyuan Xinghewan phase I began to deliver the building on September 28, 2011, during which some owners complained about the decoration quality of the house. Xinghewan has been following up and solving the problems raised by the owner in the process of repossession, and has been repaired and rectified. At the same time, members of the quality inspection and acceptance team are also arranged to accept the repair project and then hand it over to the owner

Xinghewan said that it would negotiate with the owner in a pragmatic manner and would never shirk its responsibility

just when the quality gate of the Xinghewan Taiyuan project attracted the attention of the media, Vanke, which had problems before, was exposed by netizens that the finely decorated houses used "paper" as decoration materials. Some netizens posted a post saying that the sixth phase of Shenzhen Vanke fifth Park, which originally announced that "3000 yuan per square meter for fine decoration", had decoration problems such as large-area mildew and wall coating falling off. Some owners opened the decoration materials and found that the wardrobe and shoe cabinet were actually made of "paper". Vanke admitted that there were indeed some quality problems and defects in the project, and was currently conducting door-to-door investigation and rectification





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