How to choose and maintain paint door panels

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Paint door panel is the most widely used door panel at present. Paint baking refers to the paint door panel that enters the drying room after painting and is heated and dried. Among the door panels now, the painted door panel has become a new favorite among many brands. Its color is very bright, which brings great enjoyment to people's vision

baking paint door panel has become the preferred hair for fashionable and beautiful home decoration. It has super impact and is deeply loved by consumers. So how should we choose and maintain the painted door panel in our life? The following Xiaobian will answer these questions for you

purchase of baking paint door panels

the first step is to look at the paint film. The paint film of a real baking paint door panel is very flat and durable. For example, when we look at the baking paint door panel under the sun or light, there will be no bumps or folds on the surface of the paint film

the second step is to look at the waterside. There will be a waterproof edge on the back of the real painted door panel, which can prevent water molecules from entering the interior of the panel to damage

step 3 smell it. Real painted door panels are painted with environmentally friendly paint, so there will be no unpleasant odor on them. On the contrary, those fake low-quality paint door panels will have various flavors

maintenance and use of baking paint door panels

wear resistant high-quality baking paint door panels are also one of the most common types of baking paint door panels, which can be compared with baking paint doors. When using this product for daily maintenance, we should look for more help from the basic maintenance methods, including daily cleaning and maintenance methods of baking paint doors. For the maintenance and use of baking paint door panels, there are similar places, which are concentrated in the following points:

1. Scratch prevention

the surface outside the baking paint door has talked about professional paving protection. Therefore, for daily maintenance, we should also start with daily methods, such as not using wet rags for large-scale cleaning, but also paying attention to the moisture-proof maintenance of the baking paint door at all times; When using the paint baking door, do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf, so it is easy to scratch the surface of the wooden door by sharp objects. Pay attention to the maintenance of the paint baking door to prevent scratches, so as to find more aspects related to this in other ways

2. Avoid direct sunlight

the exterior of the painted door panel is paved with a layer of film material. The waterproof and high temperature resistance of the outer material of the whole door panel have certain advantages. The painted door panel should also be well waterproof and leak proof in daily life. It can be wiped with a soft cloth, otherwise it is easy to scratch the door surface. If the dirt is too heavy, use neutral detergent, toothpaste or special detergent for furniture, and wipe it off after removing the dirt. In other aspects, for new materials, we should pay more attention to the daily maintenance to avoid the stronger direct penetration of the whole paint door panel, which will lead to the damage of the whole paint team

3. Avoid impact

the last aspect is that the whole painted door panel avoids major impact. The painted door panel itself belongs to wood processing synthetic products, and huge external impact will lead to serious deformation of the whole painted door panel. The hardness of the paint film of the qualitative painted door panel is about 2h, that is, 10 kilograms of heavy objects hit the surface of the door panel, the door panel may have pits, and the paint film of the door panel will not fall off in a large area. Good maintenance habits can ensure the good and stable use of the whole paint door, ensuring these aspects, so that the future use of products and paint door products will have a more lasting life

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