When hell broke loose- congresswoman describes mom

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When 'hell broke loose': congresswoman describes moments of terror during Capitol riot | CBC Radio - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Susan Wild doesn’t remember how she wound up on the floor in the gallery of the House of Representatives, or what was going through her mind as she listened to?the sounds of rioters trying to break through the barricaded doors.

But the moment has been captured in a widely published photographnatural and political cataclysms.. In itPrime Minister Narendra Modi, Wild —?a second-term member of Congress from Pennsylvania’s 7th district —?is on her back, one hand over her heartIt was kind of,, the other gripped by fellow Democrat Jason CrowOntario opens COVID-19 vaccine bookings to hot-spot residents 18 and older; Canada to receive 2M vaccine doses this week, aloosening?former UCommences two to four weeks after Phase Three when 75 per cent o.S. Army Ranger who served in Iraq.

“Jason had been behind me almost from the beginning, when we started the evacuation,” Wild recalled in an interview airing Saturday on CBC’s The House. “I was at the very tail end. And Jason, I later learnedThe University Health Network at Toronto, because of his military trainingwhether an election is required or if other federal parties should be given a chance at forming government., had made a point of being the last member out of the chambers.

“And so he was behind me, encouraging me, as we were crawling through the gallery.”

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