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On May 10, it was learned that Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangxi electric power) has accelerated the construction of a first-class energy interconnection enterprise with excellent competitiveness in recent years, and made every effort to create a new power service mode with fewer links, short time, low cost and excellent service, so as to comprehensively improve the power supply guarantee capacity and be a "pioneer" of economic and social development, Set up a "heart to heart bridge" between the party and the people to help Jiangxi accelerate economic development. The 16 measures introduced a few days ago are a powerful proof

there are 16 new highlights, such as actively serving the development of clean energy and the development of new energy automobile industry, highlighting that Jiangxi electric power keeps pace with the times and adheres to the principle of "electricity" first

promoting the development and upgrading of Jiangxi electric power

is a large-scale precision testing instrument formed by giving full play to the respective strengths of motors

the new 16 requirements thoroughly implement the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and strive to build a general pattern of Jiangxi electric power development that is fully integrated into the national UHV power and realizes the large-scale entry of clean energy into Jiangxi

implement 10 special projects such as the "Nanchang Power breakthrough project" to improve the mutual supply and mutual inversion capacity of urban power distribution. Optimize the operation mode of power distribution, comprehensively carry out uninterrupted operation, minimize the number of power outages, achieve the availability index of 10 kV distribution lines greater than 99.9% in 2018, and reduce the average annual power outage time of urban customers to less than 2.9 hours by 2020

do a good job in the connection and consumption of wind power and photovoltaic, and give priority to ensuring the full consumption of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects. Implement the power substitution project, and promote the construction of port shore power into the three-year plan of the transportation department and the full coverage of port shore power along the Yangtze River; Promote the substitution of electric energy for airport bridges. We will implement the photovoltaic cloud connected 10000 home project to provide photovoltaic owners with comprehensive services on the whole line, such as installation and power connection, equipment procurement and installation

vigorously consolidate the foundation of serving the people's livelihood

the 16 new articles emphasize the strategy of fully serving the Rural Revitalization. We will implement rural electrification projects and beautiful rural service projects, promote a new round of agricultural transformation and upgrading, build eight "well-off electricity demonstration counties" and "power scenic spots" demonstration projects, achieve full coverage of power, strive to achieve an average distribution and transformation capacity of farmers of not less than 2.2 KVA by 2020, increase investment in power supply service infrastructure in rural areas, and improve the equalization level of urban and rural power supply services

actively carry out poverty alleviation through electric power. Implement the sunshine poverty alleviation project, implement the poverty alleviation of the first secretary stationed in the village, ensure that 143 designated poverty alleviation points and 4993 households with the characteristics of small deformation are paired to help households get rid of poverty on schedule, and promote the poverty alleviation of the four counties of "poyu Wandu". We will spare no effort to do a good job in photovoltaic projects and services that account for about 80% of the poor projects of interior trim, so as to ensure that poor households can obtain power generation income in time

innovatively implement convenient service measures. We will implement the power supply service heart to heart project and the household sharing electrification project, continue to further promote the "customer manager into 10000 homes" activity, give full play to the role of the Communist party service team as a bridge, deepen the theme activity of "electricity to 10000 homes sharing electrification", promote smart home technology and energy-saving electrical products, and release the potential load of electrical equipment of more than 240000 kW

accelerate the construction of modern service system

16 new requirements to improve the ability to respond quickly to customer needs. Implement the upgrading project of the power supply service command center, provide appointment service, and realize the whole process tracking of power handling service and rapid response to customer demands. Carry out active repair and realize real-time voltage monitoring for a class of important customers

the data in the lifting software only comes from the on-site service ability of customers in terms of load sensors, beam displacement sensors and extensometers. Improve the "all-round" power supply stations, power supply service institutions in the park and urban standardized services. Create three market-oriented service teams, namely, government and enterprise customer managers, business hall electrical housekeepers, and Taiwan area customer managers, to provide proactive door-to-door services and Advisory comprehensive services, so as to realize one team of on-site services and solve customer demands at one time

actively provide comprehensive energy services. Build an open and shared energy service ecosystem, and build a new end-user energy consumption system centered on electricity. Focusing on parks, industrial enterprises, large public buildings, etc., provide diversified services such as energy trusteeship and energy efficiency data analysis, so as to reduce customers' electricity costs and improve energy efficiency

getting electricity is more convenient and fast

sixteen new articles emphasize the need to reduce the power handling process. Simplify the power application, and strengthen the implementation of one certificate acceptance and one-time notification. Simplify the approval process, completely cancel the design review and intermediate inspection of ordinary customers, and reduce the number of power handling links for high-voltage customers to 4 and low-voltage power customers to 3. The park's power supply service organization will fully connect the park government and power customers to realize "one-stop" power connection

reduce the power on time. Disclose the information of power resources. The power consumption of 10kV and low-voltage power users will be "connected nearby, first come, first served", and the power connection time will be reduced to 50 and 18 working days. Implement time limited management and contractual services for the construction of supporting power projects, and reduce the construction period of 35, 110 and 220 kV projects by more than 20%, 25% and 30% respectively

reduce customers' electricity costs. In principle, power supply companies invest in the construction of power supply and distribution facilities to the customer's red line for various parks at or above the provincial level, electric vehicle charging piles, electric energy substitution, and photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects. Publish the typical engineering design and engineering cost level of customers, and let customers choose by themselves. Reduce the cost of customers' power connection engineering through market-oriented mechanism. In principle, low voltage connection shall be implemented for projects of 100 KVA and below in districts and cities. The charge for live connection of power customers will be completely abolished

resolutely implement various national price reduction policies. Relax the change cycle of basic electricity pricing method, and users can choose to charge according to actual demand; Relax the limitation of capacity reduction (suspension) period, and the basic electricity charge of capacity reduction (suspension) equipment will be exempted from the date of sealing. Cancel the charge for temporary power connection, halve the charge for high reliability power supply according to the policy, and suspend the implementation of seasonal electricity prices. Implement the policy of reducing electricity prices for general industrial and commercial users

actively meet diversified energy needs

the 16 new requirements also require the creation of online and offline integrated channels. Relying on the "shangguo" app to be launched soon, we will realize the "one connection" of traditional and new businesses, realize the "never run once" of simple businesses, and "run once at most" of complex businesses, provide online power handling, visual repair and other services for small and medium-sized customers, and carry out code scanning and sharing power consumption services for temporary power demand in Nanchang pilot. Carry out the construction of intelligent, market-oriented, experiential, online and offline integrated business halls to realize the seamless connection of online and offline services

deepen intelligent payment services. We will continue to carry out activities such as electricity pre deposit gift and electricity point exchange, promote the online electricity fee collection business of enterprise customers, promote the implementation of functions such as e-Loan, and improve customers' sense of gain. Explore the provision of value-added services such as personalized bills, and comprehensively promote the application of value-added tax electronic ordinary invoices by the end of August

actively serve the development of new energy vehicle industry. We will implement the smooth driving project of electric vehicles, optimize the operation of smart car service, build fast charging stations in QUANNAN, Yongwu and other expressway service areas, and improve the response speed of customer charging services. Take the initiative to serve the power demand of charging facilities for special vehicles such as public transportation, logistics, taxi and so on, and do a good job in the "one vehicle one pile" telegraph installation service in residential areas

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