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Service digital transformation enterprise search and Wofeng technology work together to comprehensively upgrade the customer experience

the omni channel, intelligent robot and intelligent quality inspection provided by Wofeng technology for enterprise search have greatly improved the service efficiency of enterprise search, preserved for users and played an important role in improving the reputation of enterprises

with the increasingly prominent role of credit investigation in economic development and the increasing attention of the state to the informatization process, many capital began to turn to the business information inquiry market. Data shows that since the beginning of 2014, more than 40 enterprises have operated enterprise business information query platforms. As one of the leading brands, qicha is escorting enterprises and individuals with comprehensive information and complete services

the bending center diameter required for enterprise inspection based on the experiment of enterprise credit investigation depends on the integration of relevant information about the thickness of medium and thick steel plates, providing users with comprehensive, reliable and transparent data information. Through enterprise inspection, users can query the relevant industrial and commercial registration information, annual reports, shareholder information, investor information, litigation, dishonesty, trademark ownership, intellectual property rights, enterprise certificates, key personnel information, change records and other information of the enterprise in real time


the industrial and commercial information of all enterprises in the enterprise check terminal is updated synchronously in real time. At present, 80 industrial chains and 8000 industries in the domestic market have been collected, 60 of which the structural performance fully meets the requirements of the experimental specifications, 00 markets and more than 80 million enterprise data, and the market user share ranks first in the country

the huge user stock is accompanied by huge user demand. As the head enterprise of business information query, qicha hopes to continue to strengthen user stickiness and comprehensively optimize and improve user experience. The omni channel intelligent customer service system and intelligent robot provided by Wofeng technology have fully solved these problems for enterprise inspection

01 break the communication barrier and connect information channels

the user population of enterprise inspection includes finance, credit investigation, law, administration and other industries, and the use scenarios of enterprise inspection include different channels such as officials, apps, official account, applets and so on, with a huge amount of information interaction. Enterprise check hopes to integrate user feedback distributed in various channels for unified processing

the omni channel intelligent customer service system of Wofeng technology can integrate all channels. When users ask questions that require multiple conversations, such as how to search, query, view comments, etc., customer service personnel do not need to operate frequently and switch the background, and respond to customer inquiries efficiently and directly

at the same time, customer data is also accumulated in the background. The precipitated user data can not only provide a basis for product research and development, but also provide a strong support for the management or operators to adjust their strategies

02 robots help customer service unified and efficient

in the past, enterprises used manual customer service to respond to customer inquiries. However, with the low experimental speed of the user stock of enterprises, the original customer service system can no longer meet the service needs. In addition, user needs are mostly query information, and usually these access paths can be template generated by the system. Enterprise query hopes to solve the homogenization problem in batch

the customer service robot of Wofeng technology can perceive and understand according to the context, and enrich the answer content through the and management of the knowledge base, such as querying the company through the name of shareholders and executives, selecting the column of shareholders and executives, entering the name of shareholders or executives, querying enterprise information through the column of business scope fence/brand products, and understanding the industry through enterprise headlines, Popular Albums, and enterprise reviews, Classify enterprises and user comments on enterprises

the most important thing is that robots support Omni channel access, which complements the information integration needs of enterprise search. The combination of Omni channel system and customer service robot further strengthens the effect of information integration and improving service efficiency

03 depositing user data saves labor costs

due to the large number of customer visits in the station, enterprise search hopes to count the total number of sessions and average number of sessions, response time, queuing details, session details, satisfaction evaluation and other data of each seat, so as to facilitate the follow-up comprehensive analysis of data, control the quality of customer service, and reduce labor costs

the quality inspection module in the omni channel customer service system can carry out detailed data analysis from the dimensions of time, personnel, etc. 5. Good flame retardancy analysis, real-time monitoring of the work of the agent, analysis of the details of the agent session, and detection of key words, sensitive words, customer satisfaction, etc. according to the quality inspection rules and enterprise needs

in this way, the enterprise inspection will no longer need to use the cumbersome manual quality inspection system. The employees will read and listen to the recorded documents, and then carry out the corresponding transformation and next action, which greatly saves the labor cost

by introducing the omni channel intelligent customer service system and intelligent robot of Wofeng technology, enterprises have connected the originally scattered information channels, greatly improved the response speed and quality of customer service, precipitated rich data, and greatly saved human costs. In the future, Wofeng technology will continue to help enterprises to provide high-quality digital products and services

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