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Service Engineer Hong Mingliang: the intimate guardian of Lovol rotary drill

Service Engineer Hong Mingliang: the intimate guardian of Lovol rotary drill

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Hong Mingliang, the service engineer of Lovol rotary drill Taiyuan service office, uses his own words "I'm very ordinary", but in the eyes of others, he is not so ordinary. Users of NASA's industrial cooperation who have dealt with Hong Mingliang will give a thumbs up when they mention that he has reached the international advanced level, "old Hong is kind-hearted, and the maintenance technology of rotary drill is not to mention, with old Hong, my machine saves a lot of worry."

Lovol rotary drill under construction

at more than 11 p.m. on December 10, Hong Mingliang, who was preparing to wash and sleep, received the dispatch of 24-hour customer service of Lovol rotary drill. It turned out that during the construction of Lovol fr615c rotary drill of user Wang Mingchen, the drill pipe fell into the hole and needed Lovol rotary drill service engineer to rescue

Hong Mingliang quickly pulled through the user Wang Mingchen and learned about the details of the construction site and the operation of the drilling rig - the pile is 50 meters deep, the steel wire rope of the main winch has been broken, the drill pipe has fallen into the pile, and the pile has been collapsing. Hong Mingliang immediately realized the seriousness of the problem, immediately told the user to take measures to prevent further collapse, and contacted in advance to prepare tools and auxiliary equipment for fishing drill pipes. Put it down, Hong Mingliang drove the Lovol rotary drilling service vehicle and rushed to the site of the accident without stopping, but so far

the service office is 140 kilometers away from the site of the accident, and the visibility is very low at night in winter due to heavy fog. Three hours later, Hong Mingliang finally arrived at the construction site in a service car. Hong Mingliang climbed high and low in the cold wind. After five hours of fighting all night, he successfully salvaged the drill pipe. At 10 a.m. the next day, Wang Mingchen's Lovol rotary drill resumed normal construction. After that, Hong Mingliang conducted a comprehensive inspection of the rotary drill and told users and machine operators how to better maintain the rotary drill in winter to make the operation of the machine more stable

watching his auger run again, Wang Mingchen held Hong Mingliang's hand tightly and said excitedly, "the Spring Festival is approaching, and the construction period is tight. I'm really grateful! Otherwise I'm afraid I'll be sad this year." Hong Mingliang said, "we are a family after buying Lovol rotary drilling rig. Don't be so polite. This is my duty."

after many years of service career, Hong Mingliang has won the unanimous recognition of colleagues and users with enthusiasm and heart. At the commendation meeting for the excellent service team members of Lovol rotary drill, Hong Mingliang said: "after sales service is a very important work and a very important continuation link after sales. It can be said that the service personnel are the guardians of Lovol rotary drill, which is more important than Mount Tai."

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