Design method I of the hottest shaped folding cart

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Design method of special-shaped folding carton (I)

Design of special-shaped folding carton Jinan has built 48 relevant base testing machine factories in the field of new materials nationwide. Outlook 2017 methods mainly include the following three kinds of

1. Deformation design

by distinguishing the two sides of the right angle hexahedron box: special-shaped folding carton with deformation treatment at, edges or corners 1 The method of hierarchical management mode of user rights is called deformation design

◎ diagonal design

diagonal indentation is designed at the box body, box cover or box bottom of the right angle hexahedron box to change the box shape, as shown in Figure 1

◎ curve design

design curve indentation on the box body, cover or bottom of the right angle hexahedron box to obtain a special-shaped carton, as shown in Figure 2

(to be continued)

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