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Xiamen Gongxin service: bright Xiamen gonghuang on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

Xiamen Gongxin service: bright Xiamen gonghuang on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

China Construction machinery information

last April, with the implementation of the national III emission mandatory policy, construction machinery officially entered the era of electronic control. At the same time, XCMG loaders also keep pace with the times, actively respond to the national call, and vigorously promote the comprehensive upgrading of loader products by taking the opportunity of implementing the national III emission standard

now, the full anniversary of the launch of the new generation of Xiagong loaders, how is its market performance, and how is the response of users... With these questions, recently, the service department of Xiagong visited service partners and customers in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

in the experiment at an altitude of 1860 meters, generally 1 start to look for images with a low-power objective lens. Operators should not touch the Yuxi Jiangtong expressway section casually. At a glance, there are Xiamen Construction Equipment busy everywhere

XCMG equipment

in front of us, this big guy, named XCMG xg956h loader, is equipped with a special side dump bucket for tunnel. In addition to the function of the working device of the ordinary loader, it is also particularly suitable for the working environment of tunnel excavation and relatively narrow site construction (the side dump bucket can be unloaded in the forward direction, and can also be unloaded in the left and right directions), and can shuttle in parallel with the supporting transport vehicles without turning around and other manipulation actions, The operation cycle time is reduced and the work efficiency is improved. The tensile testing machine is a single space. At the beginning of last year, boss he from Fujian made an extraordinary purchase and bought two sets in full. Since then, his career has been booming. This year, with persistent efforts, he added two xg956h Xiamen side unloaders to serve the tunnel work of Yuxi Jiangtong expressway

Xiagong side unloader

the centering layout of Xiagong side unloader inherits the flexible and efficient characteristics of Xiagong products. The whole machine adopts a new reinforced front axle, with a bearing capacity of more than 2 times that of the previous improvement. It is more suitable for heavy-duty and harsh working conditions. The heavy-duty operation is efficient, and the minimum turning radius is small. It is the most suitable for use in narrow working conditions. The driver's master directly praised that the headlights and rear tricolor lights of Xiamen Industrial equipment are protected with protective covers to effectively prevent the lamps from being damaged by falling objects and external forces; With the addition of rear working lights, the tunnel working lighting has no blind area, clear vision, safer operation, and can get in and out freely and easily in the tunnel construction

Xiamen Gongxin service

in Yichuan Dayong expressway section, Xiamen Gongxin service personnel met Master Zhang, the driver of xg955, and took the initiative to stop and exchange the experience of using Xiamen Gongxin loader with Master Zhang. Master Zhang is a teacher with 25 years of driving experience. He said with admiration: the bucket of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is optimized in design, wear-resistant and impact resistant, and the bearing capacity is 20% higher than that of national II products. The electronically controlled supercharged engine with strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise and in line with the national III emission standard can choose three power output modes of heavy load, standard and light load according to the loaded materials to meet different needs

using the time when the user is waiting for the hopper car, the service personnel of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. get on the car and check the oil level and other important configurations of the loader for Master Zhang to ensure the normal operation of the machine. After careful on-site inspection by Xiamen Engineering Service personnel, the engine, gearbox and other main components are normal without oil and gas leakage

the service staff of Yunnan chuangtuo company, the distribution partner of Xiamen Industrial Group, sighed: customers now pay more and more attention to brand and service, because service is not overnight, and service runs through the whole process of product use, all the time! Xiagong patented detachable, dust-proof and waterproof sealing ring protects the pin shaft more considerately, which is convenient for maintenance and durable. National III product GPS data dynamic network interactive feedback allows us to easily realize remote rapid detection and service response, and add points to the service! (this article is from Xiamen Engineering Group)

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