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Service and quality win and create industry leaders interview with Mr. Chen Haigen, chairman of Foshan Gaoming Minghai Chemical Enterprise Co., Ltd.

in recent years, the popularity and application level of coating additives in China has greatly exceeded that in the 1980s. In the past, aluminum foil was used to make a large number of internationally famous brand additives to enter China's paint market, and the production and application of domestic additives also showed a trend of vigorous development. Especially in recent years, with the higher and higher requirements for environmental protection of coatings, environmental friendly coatings such as water-based coatings and powder coatings have been greatly developed, making the development and application of relevant coating additives unprecedented prosperity, and the application of new products and technologies are emerging in endlessly. In particular, the application of silicone and fluorocarbon material sodium technology in coating additives has greatly enriched the varieties of coating additives, and the functions are becoming more and more prominent and perfect

Minghai chemical enterprise is the first professional chemical enterprise in China to develop and manufacture Pu dry and wet ink/additives. In 1993, chenhaigen, the founder of "Minghai", established the company. In just a few years, with his many years of experience in fine chemical market sales and management, he successfully operated and made the company a leader in the industry, and guided Minghai to have a strong market position today. At the same time, with the rapid development of the company's business, it has achieved a boom in production and marketing in the domestic industry. The company also has a keen eye on the weak domestic coating additives market, and began full production and market in the new millennium in 2002. Minghai company began to be active in the paint market. Recently, Huicong coating had the honor to interview Mr. Chen Haigen, the founder of "Minghai". With his professional market analysis and superb marketing strategy, Mr. Chen made us have a more intuitive understanding of Minghai chemical

HC: looking back on 2008, first of all, I would like to congratulate Minghai chemical on winning the title of "2007 Popularity Award in the coating industry" in the selection of the top ten in the HC coating industry. Mr. Chen, you yourself won the title of "top ten cutting-edge (backbone) figures". Being able to win these awards shows that Minghai chemical is very popular. Please talk about your feeling of winning the award? And simple "When we first started to enter the field of nanotechnology research, let's talk about why so many people like Minghai chemical?

President Chen: Thank you Huicong, all experts, and especially all friends. For many years, we have been paying attention to and supporting Minghai chemical enterprise. After more than ten years of ups and downs, we have been aiming at a successful enterprise and excellent corporate image, and we will continue to undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise. We will also continue to implement the strategy of "green environmental protection innovation according to the introduction of product developer Feng Yi", provide more green environmental protection products for enterprises and society, and live up to the long-term support and love of society and customers. Thank you

HC: since its establishment in 1993, Minghai chemical has successfully operated and become a leader in the field of coating additives. With such a strong market position, what does Minghai chemical rely on to stand out

Mr. Chen: Minghai chemical has always implemented the service commitment of "what we say is what we do". When stabilizing product quality and developing products, we have made the idea that people have what they don't have, and people have what they have

HC: with limited market share, how to stably occupy and expand it is an important issue faced by every enterprise. What is the strategic thinking of Minghai chemical in this regard

director Chen: Minghai chemical's strategy in expanding market share is:

1. We must ensure quality and take quality and enterprise reputation as a major event in our hearts all the time

2. Continuously increase the investment in new products, new processes and new materials, and broaden the channels of profit

3. Strive to carry out merger and reorganization. Even though our production scale has made some achievements, what we win is the market

4. Further expand our business scope and don't be restricted by geography

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