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Design idea of three-phase permanent magnet low-speed motor

for the stator, its function is to generate a circular rotating magnetic field, so the slot number of the three-phase stator must be divided by 3 (fractional slot winding is not suitable for permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor). Obviously, the stator punching of the single-phase motor with slot number of 8 is not suitable for three-phase motor. We used the stator punching with 12 large slots, which is the simplest in technology. When the stator punching teeth are distributed, pay attention to make the magnetic circuit of each phase winding as f-weighted as possible. No matter for single-phase or three-phase permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motors, it is suitable for the design of 2p=2. P is the polar logarithm, and p=1 is easy to produce magnetic tension, which is not suitable. Generally, p=2 is selected

1 deceleration principle

the deceleration principle of three-phase permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor is the same as that of single-phase permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor, and the stator rotating magnetic field rotates one stator tooth

2 air gap between stator and rotor

the air gap between stator and rotor of three-phase permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor is very critical, because the motor works by cogging effect. If the air gap is slightly larger, the motor torque will significantly decrease. For example, the single-sided air gap between stator and rotor of three-phase permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor with seat number 55 is 0.08nm, and if it is increased to 0.09nm, the torque index of the motor will be unqualified: if the air gap is increased again, The motor will be out of step. The smaller the air gap between the stator and rotor, the output torque of the motor can be increased, and the input power and input current can be reduced accordingly. However, the air gap is too small, and the influence on the motor performance is significantly increased due to eccentric processing. Because the rotor is equipped with magnetic steel and eccentric, it will cause large unilateral magnetic pull, which will make it difficult to start the motor, resulting in slight friction between the stator and rotor. It also makes the air gap magnetic conductivity harmonic component complete the experiment of simply supported beam and cantilever beam, and causes the vibration and noise of motor operation. Chongqing Gree air conditioner

3 rotor

the rotor still adopts the structure of single-phase motor, which can save the necessary tools for manufacturing the rotor, such as punching die, slot tooling, magnetization tooling, etc

the fracture toughness measurement structure and magnetization method of rotor fine ceramic materials are shown in Figure 3. The thickness of the core in the middle section of the rotor is twice that of the core at both ends, and each section of the core is staggered by 1/2 pitch. In this way, when the two ends are magnetized axially, the polarity of the middle core is different from that of the two ends, but the polarity in each core is the same: the rotating magnetic field of the stator tries to align a certain 2-3 stator teeth at step 1 below the magnetic pole axis with the rotor tooth axis. If 2p=4, there are two pairs of stator teeth and the rotor, while Solvay TORLON polyamide imide (PAI) Ketaspire polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and avaspire poly (aryl ether ketone) (Paek) ultra-high performance polymer seal ring product series have more advantages of tooth alignment: if 2p=6, there are three pairs of stator teeth aligned with the rotor teeth, which is because the magnetic line of force always follows the path of the smallest magnetic resistance, trying to reduce the magnetic resistance, thus generating torque. With the rotation of the stator rotating magnetic field, the rotor teeth are aligned with the axis of the stator pinion in turn to rotate the rotor

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