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Service concept highlights "efficiency Kunshan"

Guide: interpret the fragments of government efficiency construction in Kunshan City. The government stands for service, and the service is wonderful because of efficiency. In Kunshan, which is famous for developing an export-oriented economy, the efficient service of the government is like the same magic hand, performing a wonderful song on this dynamic land

-- Interpretation of the segment of government efficiency construction in Kunshan City, where the output of wood plastic composite new materials in China last year was conservative and estimated to be more than 2.5 million tons

the government stands for service, and the service is wonderful because of efficiency. In Kunshan, which is famous for developing an export-oriented economy, the efficient service of the government is like the same magic hand, performing a wonderful chapter of the times on this dynamic land, highlighting a new "efficiency Kunshan"

one of the fragments

5+5+5=5 from "serial approval" to "parallel approval"

in mathematics, if anyone can prove that such an equation is true, his achievement is tantamount to completing a new Goldbach conjecture. However, with its unique efforts, Kunshan administrative examination and approval service center vividly displayed the realization process of the "new Goldbach conjecture" in the field of government administration. "Suppose that an enterprise needs to go through three departments to apply for a certificate in the center, and each department has a commitment period of 5 working days. According to the original 'serial' approval method, this department will not be handed over to the next department until it is completed. It will take at least 15 working days for the enterprise to get the certificate, plus the two-day recess, which is 21 days. Now we implement 'parallel approval', and the three relevant departments will accept it synchronously, and a major approval department will copy it to the relevant departments , the center has a limited time to complete the process, which is also a five-day commitment period, but the enterprise got the certificate to be handled in only five working days. " Cong Wei, deputy director of Kunshan administrative examination and approval service center, said that it is not difficult to realize the operational transformation from "serial examination and approval" to "parallel examination and approval". The difficult thing is to establish the awareness of service efficiency of government departments, and we really need to complete the conceptual transformation from "master" to "public servant" in the depths of our minds

in February last year, Kunshan administrative examination and approval service center was established, more than 400 examination and approval items were centralized in the center, and more than 30 government departments settled in the center to set up service windows. "Everything in the center is transparent. The people are clear about what to charge, how much to charge, and how long it will take to complete it. Since then, we have felt that we have entered a glass house." Cong Wei said

in such a "transparent house", efficiency and service have become the central theme. Last year, after running in for three months, the center implemented three large-scale "speed-up" through "series" to "parallel", opening up a "green channel" and going up for approval, which greatly improved its efficiency. For example, the initial commitment period for tax registration is 10 days. The first "acceleration" is changed to 7 days, the second acceleration is changed to 5 days, and then it is changed to 3 days. At present, in the fourth acceleration, the tax registration has been changed from a commitment to an urgent one, which can be "fixed" in half an hour

it is reported that in the fourth large-scale "acceleration" carried out by the center this year, a total of 22 approval items involving the GDP of Qingdao, which has famous enterprises such as Haier and Hisense, exceeded twice that of Zibo in the first half of 2016, and the total commitment period was shortened from 207 days to 71 days, a decrease of 136 days

at about 2:30 p.m. on a Friday, Kunshan Development Zone called the center, saying that Sany Heavy Industry, a private listed company in Hunan, decided to settle in Kunshan Development Zone and asked whether it could immediately enter the "green channel" for urgent procedures. The leaders of the center immediately contacted relevant departments for emergency on-site office. By 5:30 p.m., Sany Heavy Industry received a business license with a registered capital of 190million yuan. As soon as the weekend came to work, the environmental protection and other relevant departments sent special personnel to accompany the people of the enterprise and the Investment Promotion Bureau of the development zone to Suzhou and Nanjing, and won the provincial and municipal project approval on the same day. At the same time, the center's quality supervision, national tax, local tax, public security and other window staff quickly completed the enterprise code, tax registration, seal engraving and other matters. The people of Sany Heavy Industry were moved: "Kunshan's efficiency is really high! We didn't choose the wrong place!"

(Interpretation outside the picture: efficiency first, service first, this is the basic concept established by Kunshan municipal Party committee and government under the new development situation. To implement the scientific concept of development and adhere to the economic construction as the center, we should focus on attracting investment and creating a good investment and management environment. Under the condition that the "hard costs" of local businesses are equal, we should strive to reduce the "soft costs" of administrative efficiency, efficiency, transparency, etc , has become the focus of regional competition.)

segment 2

the "multiplier effect" of the three "understanding papers"

in the service window of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Kunshan administrative examination and approval center, we saw three "reminder service understanding papers". One is a red "understanding paper", reminding enterprises that have been approved and registered by the industry and commerce to go to the relevant departments to handle matters such as seal engraving, basic account, enterprise code, tax registration, qualification certificate, etc. as soon as possible; One is a green "understanding paper", reminding enterprises that have completed the change registration to go through various relevant procedures; There is also a yellow "understand paper" to remind enterprises applying for cancellation of what procedures should be performed, one, two, three, four, clearly. The staff at the window pointed to a batch of neatly placed materials and told us that these are equivalent to "understanding paper", including what materials should be prepared for enterprise name registration, procedures and preparation materials for the establishment of a limited company, etc. after reading these reminders and providing materials as required, we can ensure that all procedures are completed within the commitment period

in Kunshan Yushan industrial and commercial branch, I met Zhuang Zhijian who was applying for a license. He wanted to run a logistics enterprise. "I thought it was difficult to apply for a logistics enterprise. I went to the examination and approval center and said it was very simple. The window told you what information you need to bring at one time. You can do it immediately after taking it, and the name approval was completed within more than ten minutes. This is my second trip. I can get the license immediately. The plans are in air quality, construction, disaster prevention, construction land, frugal and intensive land use, high standard farmland, livestock and poultry aquatic products, standardized vegetable market, and compulsory education And other aspects have clearly mentioned the standard! "

in the past, it was not easy to run an enterprise, even to apply for it. How many "yamen" do you want to run? How many stamps? Ordinary people don't know which department and operator to look for when they go to the "yamen". They may not meet people after going there once or twice. They don't know whether the materials are enough, because no one will tell you exactly what materials to bring

"We have been studying what inconveniences people will have when they come to work, what chain links are not lubricated enough, and whether there are some links that do not need to provide materials repeatedly. The center has only one principle in general: the project can be made of spectrum shield composite materials made of spectrum fiber, the process can be simple, the reply can be fast, and the service can be excellent. Our purpose is only one: to maximize the convenience of people People do things and provide the best entrepreneurial and investment environment. " Cong Wei said

not long ago, caoxinping, Secretary of the Kunshan municipal Party committee, and zhangguohua, mayor of Kunshan received the same thank-you letter, which was sent to Sanming Dianyin enterprise (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., a Taiwan funded enterprise. The letter said that Kunshan Bureau of quality and technical supervision innovated its working methods and adopted new working mechanisms such as "inspection and prediction system" and "first inspection and adjustment system". It was widely welcomed by foreign businessmen and sent a special letter to thank Kunshan's leaders

in Kunshan, there are countless such innovations. "The hardware is not enough, the software is not enough, and the policy is not enough, and the service is not enough.". Within the scope of national policies and regulations, Kunshan people regard institutional innovation as one of the core contents of government work. Now, when you walk in Kunshan, you will find that innovation is becoming a universal consciousness of Kunshan people. Hospitals have "green channels" to serve patients; The court has a special set of rapid case handling mechanism; The Customs has a special service plan for large export enterprises. The innovative measures such as "all-weather customs clearance, annual inspection, customs declaration and payment" first launched here in the country have increased the speed of customs clearance from the previous three days to a few hours now, realizing the high efficiency of "only one fourth of the personnel in Nanjing Customs District and one fifth of the customs declaration volume in the province"

based on the same innovative concept, Kunshan Export Processing Zone is the first export processing zone in the history of the Republic. In just more than three years, this 1.86 square kilometer land has gathered more than 60 foreign-funded enterprises, with a total investment of 1.3 billion US dollars, of which 43 enterprises started production last year created a total import and export volume of 5.87 billion US dollars, accounting for one third of the total export processing zones in the country, It has become an important engine to drive the economic growth of Kunshan. The efficiency of its construction is called "Kunshan miracle" by the outside world. Since this year, the import and export volume of the region has shown a sustained strong growth. According to the current situation, the total import and export volume of the whole year is expected to exceed US $10billion

(Interpretation outside the picture: innovation is the source of power for "efficiency Kunshan". In economics, there is a "multiplier effect" principle, that is, when an investment enters a certain operation track, it will produce a geometric amplification effect. Kunshan's innovation consciousness and innovative measures that are blooming everywhere have produced a strong "multiplier effect" in Kunshan 。 It can be said that innovation is Kunshan's biggest "investment" on the road to an efficient and effective service-oriented government.)

segment 3

"industrial neighborhood center" enlarges "hurdle" kinetic energy

"Our original base is not a concept of an ordinary industrial zone. It is a unique area set up to encourage Kunshan people to start businesses, with the function of incubator. In form, we are not a pure standard plant, but build various office buildings. A building has various shared spaces, public facilities, hotel services, and provide various preferential policies to enterprises entering the base." Xuxiangyou, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yushan Town and director of the Management Committee of Kunshan private science and Technology Industrial Park, described the "original base" they were planning to build. It is reported that the first phase of the 60000 square meter office building planning of the base has entered the approval process

Ji min, director of Kunshan administration of small and medium-sized enterprises, said that at present, there are three "original bases" under planning and construction in Kunshan. The overall characteristics of these "bases" are closely combined with the "three haves project" being implemented in Kunshan, encouraging local people to start businesses and invest, and creating an environment for common prosperity driven by export. "These bases should be typical of intensive use of land resources. What we want to build is an urban industrial park, which is actually equivalent to an 'industrial neighborhood center'." He believes that the construction of "efficiency Kunshan" is actually reflected in the efficient integration of various plans, including land use and investment trends. "Industrial neighborhood center" is a "hurdle" attempt to implement the scientific concept of development. "Scientific development is a new evaluation system, and our 'hurdle' action must be accurate. Every small aspect of government work must highlight efficiency, and the development of private economy must also get rid of the traditional thinking of seeking quantity and size in the guiding ideology."

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