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Service in place for life Liugong crane escorts the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

service in place for life Liugong crane escorts the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

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she has been ranked as one of the "top 100 counties in the economy" and is among the top 100 industries. Now she has stepped into the era of bullet trains, and the road to take off has pushed waves. Here is the beautiful and rich Jungar

beautiful and rich Jungar

on April 10, Jungar banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region entered the era of bullet trains

four EMU trains stop at Zhungeer station

today we want to tell the story of the construction of the coal transportation special line in weijiamao Town, Zhungeer banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia

on the evening of April 12, 2018, Li Yongtao, the service staff of Liugong in Anhui Province, received a call for help from Wang Enyi, a customer in weijiamao Town: "I need you to come here. I have an eight year old Liugong equipment qy25n5 under construction on the coal transportation line in weijiamao Town, Zhungeer banner. The torque limiter has some failure, and the problem is not big. The pattern and text are clear and complete, but the railway construction party has high safety requirements, and the equipment safety device cannot be constructed if there is any problem." "There is nothing trivial in front of customer service. Don't worry. I'm in Hohhot now, and I'll rush there with the service staff now." Li Yongtao replied immediately

Liugong crane escorted the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

as soon as it hung up, Li Yongtao drove to weijiamao town with the service staff Bu Hong. Weijiamao town is located in the southeast of Jungar banner, on the edge of the Loess Plateau, with an average altitude of 1150 meters. There are many high loess slopes from the town to the construction site, so there is no way to drive. The service staff can only climb the slope on foot. Arriving at the construction site of the railway coal dedicated line, they had no time to catch their breath, so they started to work by setting up a group of associations and intermediary agencies dedicated to serving new material enterprises

Liugong crane escorted the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

first, a comprehensive inspection was carried out on the torque limiter. It was found that the high limit switch light of the torque limiter was on, and the arm length was inaccurate. The service personnel repaired the torque limiter on site, so that the whole vehicle returned to normal. Then they gave the machine a full body "physical examination" to ensure that there was no problem, and then they controlled the positioning accurately and trained the customers on vehicle maintenance and simple fault handling methods on site

Liugong crane escorted the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

during this period, other construction personnel on site gathered to learn. Since we seldom receive systematic training, we ask where similar training is available and whether there is a charge. Li Yongtao told them that as long as Liu Gong's customers have lifelong free training. Customer Wang Enyi was very grateful to Liugong's service personnel for coming to help solve the problem efficiently, and repeatedly praised that the after-sales service of Liugong's products was reassuring

it is reported that there are only eight crane construction equipment in weijiamao Town, three of which are from Liugong, Anhui Province. This qy25n5 was purchased by user Wang Enyi in 2010. Over the years, Liu Gong's crane has participated in the construction of local railways, power plants, coal mines and other large-scale key projects with Wang Enyi. In terms of service life, these vehicles have reached the "limit of use", but in many extreme environments and poor working conditions, they still work as they did when they first bought them

Liugong crane escorts the construction of Inner Mongolia railway

"it has been used for so many years without major problems, and there is almost no repair except for daily maintenance and occasional minor hair disease." Wang Enyi said that they are participants and witnesses of urban construction in Inner Mongolia, and as long as they are there, Liu Gong's service personnel will accompany them throughout the whole process. "Provide solutions within one hour after receiving user feedback, provide services within two hours, and complete services within 24 hours." with the efforts of Liugong service personnel, Liugong's service standards have long remained on this vast Inner Mongolia prairie

after saying goodbye to customers, rats will bite cables indiscriminately. As they catch up with the project maintenance in the town, the water and power supply in the whole town are cut off. Li Yongtao and bu Hong have not had a bite of rice before they embark on the next journey - Hailar, where there are other customers waiting for them. They proved with practical actions that as long as there is Liugong crane, Liugong people participate in the local urban construction in their own way. With the support of such products and services, we have reason to believe that Anhui Liugong will win more users and a larger market in China and even the world

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