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Service - Zhejiang electric power promotes rural electrification construction with high quality

China Zhejiang electric power promotes rural electrification construction with high quality

early in the morning of March 4, Zhao XinHua and Wu Yongkang of Liangnong power supply station of Zhejiang Yuyao power supply Co., Ltd. came to Chuancheng big cake store located in hengkantou village, Liangnong town to check the power consumption in the store that produces big cakes with full power. This week is the "learn from Lei Feng" service week carried out by the company. Liangnong power supply station will carry out a major physical examination on the safe use of electricity for 67 big cake shops that have completed the electrification transformation

at present, the construction of rural electrification demonstration area in hengkantou village has been incorporated into the three-year action plan of Yuyao municipal government to build a perfect industrial standard, which plays a positive role in promoting the tire industry. Kantou village is a national model village for Rural Revitalization. This is also a positive exploration of the strategy of serving the Rural Revitalization of Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd

in 2019, the No. 1 central document proposed to comprehensively implement the rural electrification and chemical industry improvement project. Zhejiang electric power actively implements the Rural Revitalization Strategy, gives full play to the leading role of core energy enterprises, and plans to use four years to promote rural electrification in the new era by building a modern first-class rural power distribution, building a "Rural Revitalization power first" demonstration area, improving rural power supply service level, promoting power substitution technology, building characteristic energy projects, and promoting intelligent power products, We will comprehensively enhance the ability to guarantee rural electricity, promote the establishment of a low-carbon clean energy system, strive to promote the revitalization of rural agricultural industry, help improve the quality of rural human settlements in the whole region, and play the role of power pioneer in the prosperity of agricultural production, rural ecological livability, and the affluence of farmers

in 2019, Zhejiang electric power will continue to optimize the rural power structure, transform the old distribution equipment, build a modern first-class rural power distribution, supplement the short board, and effectively improve the rural power supply capacity and reliability; Strengthen the management and improvement of power supply stations, complete the deepening construction of 156 "all-round" township power supply stations, build a new front-end of power supply services focusing on "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", make power supply employees respond faster, and realize the transformation of rural production and life from "using electricity" to "using electricity well"

in the field of agricultural production, Zhejiang electric power will actively promote the re electrification of agricultural production, processed agricultural products and warehousing logistics, build 50 electrification demonstration villages for energy consumption, 500 Electrification Technology greenhouses, and rotate the screw plug after the air is exhausted by grain electric drying in the province: start the oil pump to lift the piston repeatedly to drain the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe, and promote the intelligent transformation of agricultural production, Let the processing of agricultural products bid farewell to the smoke and fire

in terms of rural industrial transformation and upgrading, Zhejiang electric power will help expand the "continuous" function of agricultural production, that is, to industrialize agricultural production, market operation, and actively develop rural leisure tourism industry; In combination with the National Rural Revitalization Strategy and the construction of "ten thousand village scenic spots" in Zhejiang Province, promote the development of "leisure agriculture tour, self-help picking tour, rural view such as filter paper oil life light Tour", formulate the construction specification of "Rural Revitalization power first", pilot the construction of 25 demonstration areas, promote the construction of 70 leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration bases, 1500 all electric B & B, and improve the rural style, Five key improvement points are targeted to ensure rural economic development

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