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The packaging characteristics and design of foreign military ammunition (Part I)

at present, the new military changes in the world have promoted the changes in the form of future war. As an important factor of logistics support and an indispensable carrier of materials and equipment, military packaging plays a decisive role in this military reform. Ammunition is an important part of the military weapon system. Its packaging quality is related to the effectiveness of the weapon system, and directly affects the combat effectiveness of the army, and even the victory or defeat of the weapon force. The armies of all countries have always attached great importance to it

1 characteristics of ammunition packaging for foreign troops [1]

foreign countries attach great importance to ammunition packaging, and believe that packaging is not only an integral part of ammunition development and production, but also a partner of the army for rapid response. Its main features are as follows:

1) closely follow the packaging needs of modern war. Under the new war conditions, the interference and harm of modern means such as electromagnetism are everywhere. Therefore, the United States and other developed countries have closely followed the needs of the situation, specially modified the ammunition packaging specification, and optimized the ammunition packaging structure according to the new specification [2]

2) ammunition packaging targeting. Foreign military forces implement strict short-term and long-term packaging plans and requirements for ammunition packaging research. For example, the requirements of the US military for recent ammunition packaging research are: the main performance indicators can withstand rough handling within the temperature range of 54 ~ 74 ℃; The packaged ammunition is within the above temperature range, from 2 It should be able to shoot completely after falling twice at a height of 1m or after loose vibration; Ammunition can be stored in the warehouse for more than 20 years, and can still be exposed to the external environment for more than 2 years, etc. The packaging plan of 2025 proposed by the U.S. military is that at present, all army equipment and supplies must be reduced by 75% in weight and volume [3]

3) standardization of ammunition packaging. Packaging standardization research is the center of foreign military packaging research. Taking the U.S. military as an example, the U.S. military has carried out systematic research on ammunition packaging since the 1940s, formulated a series of standards for packaging technology, and formed a strict standard system for the development, production, ordering, loading and unloading, storage and transportation of military packaging at the macro and micro levels

4) foreign troops pay attention to high performance and versatility in the material and structural design of ammunition packaging

5) computer technology has been widely used in the field of ammunition packaging. Analyze, refine and establish relevant corresponding relationships with product characteristics, packaging requirements, material properties, environmental conditions, transportation and loading and unloading requirements, and incorporate them into computer management, which is conducive to the realization of standardized design; Computer data sharing can shorten the packaging development cycle and quickly obtain all kinds of effective information, scientifically make ammunition packaging plans, and reasonably plan the number of sea or air containers; It can also cooperate with a higher-level satellite tracking management system to realize the "whole process visibility" of ammunition support

6) establish and improve the packaging inspection and testing institutions. As an important part of ammunition packaging, the establishment and improvement of packaging inspection and testing institutions provide an accurate scientific basis for the design of ammunition packaging, and also make the acceptance of ammunition packaging more objective

7) improve the management system. The ammunition packaging management system in the developed countries of the world's arms industry is relatively perfect. For example, the packaging and storage task force (PPTg) under the three services conventional ammunition Planning Bureau (jcap) is responsible for the technical coordination of conventional ammunition in the United States. The British Ministry of defense has set up a central packaging department (CPU) to be responsible for the standardization of military packaging and the coordination of packaging design

2 research status of ammunition packaging abroad

2 1 actively formulate and implement packaging plans

countries such as the United States and Germany have paid more attention to weapons packaging, especially ammunition packaging, in recent years, and are actively implementing relevant plans. It is reported that the German Federal military has formulated a "ZML plan" involving the anti-corrosion packaging and maintenance of weapons, and the U.S. Army has issued a plan for the prevention and control of corrosion of military equipment, that is, if not zero, "ar750 ~ 59 plan". The above-mentioned plan of the U.S. Army stipulates that the chief of staff of the logistics department is responsible for the leadership, the officials of the army materials command are responsible for the planning and implementation of the plan, and the anti-corrosion research center of the Institute of materials technology under the command is responsible for the anti-corrosion packaging work

2. 2. Packaging materials and packaging technology 2 2.1 using new packaging materials

in order to change the defects of moisture deformation and ammunition deterioration of packaging paper cartridges, the national Oak Ridge Institute of the United States has carried out research on two schemes to improve paper cartridges and other containers to replace paper cartridges [4]. In the aspect of improving the paper cylinder, the paper cylinder waterproof and moisture-proof scheme is proposed, and four kinds of coating coatings are selected. In addition, the cylinder wall structure and the neck seal structure which is easier to open are also studied, which prolongs the storage time. For "anti explosion packaging", a feasible packaging material has been developed. It is reported that the U.S. military has successfully developed a kind of anti explosion packaging material filled in the container of packaging explosives. This material is a composite material mixed with binder, which can be cast. It has the characteristics of light weight, porous, absorbing dynamic shock waves and shock absorption in the current environment with great downward pressure on the economy. Filling this material into the packaging container can not only prevent the explosives in one container from being killed, but also prevent the explosives in other adjacent containers from being killed, which solves the problem in ammunition packaging. The new composite material has the properties of steel, and its weight is only a fraction of the weight of steel; Internal barrier material to meet the requirements of insensitive ammunition

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