Packaging and treatment of the hottest cut flowers

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Packaging and treatment of cut flowers

cut flower products can be packaged after classification (sometimes some pretreatment). Although the packaging of cut flower products can not improve the quality and replace refrigeration, the combination of good packaging and storage and transportation can maintain the good quality of products. The main function of cut flower packaging is to protect products from mechanical damage, water loss, and environmental damage, which also makes the theory applicable to the fatigue of continuous metal materials unable to be directly applied to the rapid changes in environmental conditions and other harmful effects of metal rubber materials, so as to maintain the quality of products in the process of transportation and marketing. In addition to its protective effect, the packaging box is also a transportation container, It can be used as a tool to close products and move products. Using low-quality packaging to transport high-quality, high-value, perishable products does not meet the technical requirements, which will lead to product damage, decay, and decline in product quality

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