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Beverage carton packaging characteristics

there are many kinds of beverage packaging, mainly including glass bottles, metal cans, cartons, PET bottles, etc. As a container for various cool drinks, its advantages and disadvantages are roughly shown in Table 1. The performance requirements of the carton include: regeneration, effective utilization of space, weight, etc. in addition, the carton has another feature, that is, through the research of the carton layered structure, it is easy to realize the scientific and fair organization of on-site construction and installation through various barrier properties such as shading and oxygen barrier

transparency shading oxygen barrier water vapor barrier weight regenerative sealing

glass bottle excellent and poor excellent and heavy excellent and poor

metal can poor, excellent, excellent and light excellent

carton poor, good, good and light excellent

pet bottle excellent and poor, poor, light and good

1 carton structure meeting quality requirements

in addition to transparency, The carton can meet its functional requirements through its structure and material combination. According to shape, representative cartons include roof box structure cartons, square cartons and cartons of other structures

2 regenerative

as representative cartons, there are milk cartons with roof box structure and cool drink cartons! As shown in Figure $. Its structure is divided into three layers of polyethylene/cardboard/polyethylene. The cardboard used ranges from 250g/㎡ -400g/㎡, which is selected according to the size, shape and weight of the carton

the cardboard used in these milk packaging is made by extrusion molding of polyethylene on the front and back of the cardboard through an extruder. Because paper and polyethylene are easy to peel off or separate in alkali solution, the regeneration of paper components is easy to realize. The recycling of milk packaging can be achieved, in addition to the factors mentioned above that the paper components are easy to regenerate, another reason is that in fact, only the original pulp is used to produce cardboard for cartons

3 various barrier properties

oxygen, water vapor and light are the reasons for the deterioration of package contents. In order to increase the barrier performance of the carton, one of the methods is to compound with aluminum foil. This method can make the carton have the function of blocking oxygen, water vapor and light. The contents of the carton made of aluminum foil can be preserved for a long time

4 paper edge protection structure

use the printing method suitable for customers' needs to print on the cardboard surface of the carton made by the high-level pressing of the sensor precision adopted by our company by the extruder. The main printing methods include gravure printing and offset printing. Gravure printing is used in large batches and offset printing is used in small batches, but sometimes the printing method is selected according to the requirements of the design. The printed cardboard is molded and cut into the required unfolding shape, and then a sealing device is used to limit the number of flame experiments. Its gas flame is used to melt polyethylene in the paper edge part of the front and back sides of the cardboard, and the edges of the front and back sides of the cardboard are bonded to each other to make a carton

for contents such as coffee, black tea and green tea that have high permeability to paper, once the edge of the carton comes into contact with beverages, the strength of the carton will become poor due to the penetration of the liquid content, resulting in leakage and even damage. Therefore, the edge of the paper can be prevented from contacting with the content liquid by pasting the paper tape or folding the paper. This method, together with the structure of increasing barrier performance mentioned above, ensures the circulation of carton beverages at room temperature and long-term storage

5 although the use of aluminum foil for environmental protection provides the possibility for the long-term storage of carton beverages, it will cause difficulties in the regeneration of base paper and lead to the accident that the aluminum foil in the paper container will damage the incinerator when incinerating the paper container. By using barrier materials instead of aluminum foil, the comprehensive requirements of environmental protection and long-term preservation can be achieved. Typical alternative barrier materials such as Evo (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) and silicon vacuum coating

6 barrier

because grape juice is easy to lose its unique taste, the important role of paper containers is to maintain the fresh taste of the contents. Apple juice will absorb the odor around, leading to the change of its taste. For such contents, the container is required to have the function of blocking external odor. If the barrier material mentioned above is used, it can be successfully blocked from the outside

for most cartons, polyethylene is used in the innermost layer in terms of carton forming and cost. If polyester is used instead of polyethylene, the absorption of polyethylene material to the flavor of fruit juice can be reduced, so as to maintain the fresh taste of fruit juice

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