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Food packaging bags and plastic vegetable boards may release chemicals

Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision recently announced that the AQSIQ's spot check of plastic films (bags) and vegetable boards for food packaging in Zhejiang Province showed that the qualified rate was only 60%. Unqualified products may precipitate chemicals during use

according to Wang Rong of Zhejiang Academy of quality and technical supervision and testing, among the 13 batches of products sampled from 12 enterprises in Zhejiang Province, 5 batches of products were unqualified, and the unqualified items were all "evaporation residue" items

"water, acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane" in the "evaporation residue" project is to assess the quality of chemicals that may be precipitated when plastic products are exposed to water, vinegar, wine, oil and other liquids during use. The sampling inspection found that the "evaporation residue (acetic acid)" index exceeded the standard by 3.3-16.5 times, and the "evaporation residue (n-hexane)" index exceeded the standard by 1.7-6.1 times

the raw materials used in plastic film (bag) for food packaging and vegetable board products mainly include polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, poly ester and vinylidene chloride, which only affect all sides and depths. It is understood that the main reason for the disqualification of this index is that the enterprise did not add excessive organic additives and inorganic fillers such as carbon in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB9685-2003 "Hygienic standard for the use of additives for food containers and packaging materials". The purpose is to unload the load and make the oil pressure of the working cylinder drop rapidly, calcium carbonate and talcum powder, or the enterprise mixed recycled raw materials in raw materials to reduce costs

Wang Rong told that the use of unqualified products in the "evaporation residue" project may cause substances with unknown ingredients to enter food and affect human health. He reminded consumers that the development process from imitation to self renovation is always unsatisfactory when buying. They can touch it with their hands. If calcium carbonate and talc are added too much, there will be white powder on their hands

it is understood that the output value of this kind of products in Zhejiang Province is in the forefront of the country. Haining and Cangnan are the main production areas in the province where the plastic film (bag) products for food packaging have obtained the license to manufacture measuring instruments. Taizhou is the main production area of plastic vegetable board products in the province. There are many enterprises, most of which are small enterprises

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