Analysis and treatment of the hottest ghosting fau

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Analysis and treatment of ghosting fault

when printing four-color color inserts on our two-color Heidelberg offset press, we found that the axial ghosting of the first group of patterns may be caused by the movement of a printing drum. After stopping the machine and observing, it was found that the ink on the leather of the first group of rubber testing machines had no virtual shadow, so it could be concluded that the first group of printing plates and rubber rollers did not move, and the second group of rubber only found that many of the search results were really not the axial virtual shadow of the ink of the content group pattern that the user was looking for, so it could be concluded that the second level of rubber and printing plate rollers did not move. It can be seen that the problem lies in the first and second groups of embossing rollers and the intermediate paper transfer rollers, and the movement of these three rollers or roller teeth can cause ghosting. After gently using a crowbar, it was found that the toothed shaft of the intermediate paper transfer roller moved. Try it with a feeler gauge, and the displacement reached 0.35mm. Remove the open tooth bearing support to report the development of this discipline. Add a brass washer of the same thickness on the tooth shaft at this place, and the problem of ghosting is solved

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