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Changes in the packaging of kitchenware supplies

things are changing. The packaging of various supplies deviates from stuffy product poles and bulky boxes with brands. Jill park looks at the new direction of the Department

kitchen utensils are such a powerful project that it is hard to imagine that they will need packaging. In fact, they, as well as kitchenware items, need to protect products while packaging, and in the case of knives and other items, everyone. Usually, the Department has been marked by corrugated boxes and photos of products, but the minimum packaging measures for weight reduction and brands such as Lackland and IKEA have begun to shake the Department

kitchen supplies retailer Hu District launched a three-layer pot triangle box, which varies from July. The company's design agency nicepend created a space saving design that also makes more power due to the triangle corners

like many other brands in the Department, Lachlan is an enthusiastic supporter of the use of photography, indicating that the products in its packaging, but use modern, rather than traditional photography neat images related to the kitchen. We don't use portraits, said director Matthew canwell. We believe that a great photo can effectively communicate how to use the product. Need more explanation, more packaging and point of sale is necessary

take a different approach is Swedish IKEA household products 6 Super absorbent resin: particle size dispersion: super brand. In the footsteps of kitchenette boutiques, IKEA shows samples of the entire store so that customers can see exactly what they bought. Therefore, it avoids half the problem of opening the box, and with the detailed description of the need to package art, because of the distance, it says, this does not affect consumers' decisions

ideally, we must recognize how people shop, and for this, say: why is the domestic large aircraft called C919? Factory design director Adam white, who previously worked on the design of high-end cooking utensils brand leclerce. If you are buying kitchen supplies, this is often what you will have to deal with. If it is a blender or pan, you need to maintain its quality and feel

jump out of the box

Lachlan's canwell agrees: if you hide something in a box, you pass through an obstacle. In my opinion, people feel that there are some cases of walking things to suppress. Retail space, therefore, is an important consideration. Larger stores tend to lack the tendency to display samples locally, while smaller stores tend to have limited space

Simon Griffith and Tracy kynock were founded in Chiswick, an independent restaurant in London in 2004. They made this decision to show them where possible within the packaging of the goods. We don't want to look like a department store, saying: the way this store sells Griffith. Instead, we want customers to interact with products and ask questions. All original packages are preserved

customers can handle the store's practices well, and some even hesitate to use garbage when providing packaging at the cashier. Usually we will ask to cancel the packaging of products, such as pots and pans, Griffith said. In some cases, products are offered to stores without personal packaging - for example, stocks delivered from Columbia stores are wrapped in ceramics with newspapers

packaging, so the sales of egg beaters are relatively limited, and they are used for molding products with better dimensional stability. Different department stores, customers often have to make purchases as soon as possible, packaging has become a secondary egg beater and photography and images are not needed by consumers to quickly identify a ready-made product

brand awareness

pearlfisher made a decision to use the instructions, not the range of photo kitchenware of celebrity chef Jimmy Oliver's new JME (see column). JME is sold at the recipe store in Battersea Oliver, Brighton, South London, through the upper and catalogue. Oliver's popularity has played a big role in the new range, which will to some extent explain the decision not to use the brand's packaging photography brand

Darren Foley, the realization director of Pearlfisher, believes that a strong brand is needed to adopt this approach. This may require a very brave brand team to create a photo package without it, but perhaps this is the demand of the Department to break the Convention and continue to become a big selling point

buying, believing in Buddha, often means that consumers must place blind faith in brand quality, rather than being able to see and feel products on the basis of making decisions. As long as the brand provides a reassurance, some people are reluctant to buy touch products? I suggest them, he said

heat resistant glass has always been a popular brand for nearly a century. Consumers have confidence in products. Therefore, Glass Cookware brand packaging. Instead of using a maximum space for information and images, packaging boxes, products, brands use corrugated wraparounds so that the products can be seen and safely stacked in stores

the new ceramic band with high boron and silicon started the impact tester in September. The ripple overlap of several test methods is 20% lower than the packaging materials used in the classic range of its predecessor. Due to the accumulation of products, if there is no insertion between them, they may also get stuck together and break quite brittle as ceramics, said: Marketing Manager Franny Santos, sley. The new packaging, carrying more information and as the protection of the product, uses less materials

nicepend passed the microwave oven pot in the lake area, which uses a similar method of overlapping package packaging, so that most of the products are picked up and processed for customer contact. Lachlan is almost trying to make packaging part of the product in this case, according to canwell. Instead of making all the squares, we have some places where the product stands out

as it is already clear, the packaging requirements for the export of your kitchen utensils are determined. The products sold in an independent restaurant can benefit from a room to show the products and 'Satay' consumers' wishes and choices before purchasing the products. And for department stores, they are doomed to bear the heat of the product supply chain and easy to identify the shelves

the scope of innovation is in line with the size of the new textbook, which can be seen on the three box floor of the lake area. The inclusion of orientation also seems to continue the trend in product packaging design. Whether the brand will always be brave to trade, rather than photography fairness is a controversial issue, but it is clear that there are some people who have launched the traditional industry as a sultry boundary as a brand

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