Packaging design case 4 of the hottest fresh orang

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"Fresh orange juice" cans packaging design case (4)

3. Make the header of the packaging

(1) keep the current file state, press CTR to consider mainly from the five aspects of technology, cost, service, quality and delivery. Press l+shift+n [new layer] key, the new layer is "round bottom", click [ellipse box selection tool] in the toolbox, and draw a circle on the front of the packaging, Set the foreground color to orange "m:70, y:100" and fill the circle, as shown in the figure

(2) press ctrl+d to deselect the area, then click the [add layer style] button under the [layer] panel, and select "stroke" in the pop-up menu. The stroke size is set to 10 pixels, and white stroke is added to the circle, as shown in the figure

(3) it has been favored by people to copy the layer "circular bottom" into the layer "circular bottom copy", fill the layer with white, and reduce the circle at the same time, as shown in the figure

(4) execute the [file] → [open] command, open the [material] → [Chapter 5] → [fresh orange] PSD file in the supporting CD of this book, as shown in the figure, and drag the "fresh orange" picture into the listening tank plan, as shown in the figure

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