Maintenance points of the hottest construction mac

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Key points of construction machinery maintenance

(1) prepare a practical maintenance plan: when preparing a maintenance plan, you must master the engineering tasks, construction plans, equipment conditions, operating hours, maintenance cycle, maintenance operation time and other information

(2) determine a reasonable maintenance organization form: in order to ensure the normal operation of on-site construction machinery, on-site maintenance organization must be established. The reasonable organization form should be determined according to the actual situation of the construction. When the project is large in scale or the construction period is long, a temporary maintenance office can be set up to be responsible for the equipment maintenance of the project. When the project quantity is small or the construction period is short or the construction sites are scattered, an engineering repair vehicle can be set up, and a mobile maintenance team can be organized to carry out the self inspection and repair with a self-determination rate of more than 50%

(3) allocate appropriate maintenance forces: maintenance forces include equipment and personnel. The type of equipment maintenance can be determined according to the process needs. The quantity is generally 10% - 20% of the construction machinery, and the maintenance personnel are generally 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the number of drivers on duty

(4) adopt reasonable operation methods: at present, the commonly used maintenance operation methods are comprehensive, and even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process, the maintenance method and professional division of labor. The former is full manual operation, which can be selected according to the actual situation

(5) adopt efficient repair methods: generally, there are single machine repair methods and assembly exchange repair methods. The single machine repair method takes a long time to repair, and the repair quality is unstable. It is only suitable for "repair stations with weak repair force, few repair tasks, and complex models. The assembly exchange repair method is currently recognized as the best method of on-site maintenance, which is to remove worn parts or assemblies, replace them with new products or repair parts, repair the replaced parts or assemblies under economic and reasonable conditions, and put them into storage for standby after passing the inspection. By adopting this repair method, the medium repair can be cancelled, the repair level can be simplified, the repair speed is fast, and the time is short, so the intact rate and attendance rate of the equipment can be greatly improved, the economic benefits of the use of the equipment can be increased, and the favorable conditions for professional maintenance can be created

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