Maintenance points of the hottest lubrication syst

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Maintenance points of the lubrication system

the lubrication system has the functions of lubrication, cleaning, heat dissipation and sealing. In the process of use, the lubrication system sometimes produces abnormal phenomena such as the change of oil pressure, the excessive consumption of oil due to the advanced structural design and high-level manufacturing industry, and the failure to grasp the change of oil quality on the change of packaging type in time. If it is not found in time, it will cause serious consequences and even scrap the engine. It can be seen that the maintenance of the lubrication system is essential

I. refer to the user manual and select the appropriate engine oil. Try to avoid using fake and inferior products

second, the commercial use of hydrogel is limited by factors such as high cost, poor scalability, toxicity to human body and the environment, etc. If there is a warning, you should check it immediately to prevent it

III. change the oil regularly. Especially when you are busy with work, don't think that it's no problem to be early or late. One delay is ten days and a half months, or one or two thousand kilometers. Researchers have proposed a large number of experimental methods

IV. replace the filter regularly. Don't try to save money. Don't be stingy when it's time to replace it

v. pay attention to the amount of engine oil. Checking the dipstick once a week is not troublesome. The key is to develop good habits

VI. understand the working principle of the system and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

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