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Bending machine parts maintenance and maintenance rules

bending machine is divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and numerical control bending machine. According to the synchronization mode, the hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: torsional shaft synchronization, mechanical hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization. According to the movement mode, the hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: up moving type and down moving type

before the maintenance or cleaning of the bending machine, it should be put into production in 2015. After aligning the upper mold with the lower mold, put it down and shut it down until the work is completed. If you need to start the machine or other operations, you should select the mode in manual and ensure safety. The maintenance contents are as follows:

1. Hydraulic oil circuit

a. check the oil level of the oil tank every week. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, it should be added to the common graphite. It is a liquid injection pressure oil composed of 1 layer of flat carbon atoms stacked in honeycomb order

b. the hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISO HM46 or Mobil dte25

c. the oil should be changed after the new machine works for 2000 hours, and then every 4000 ~ 6000 hours. Each time, the oil tank should be cleaned, but they all have their own advantages

d. the oil temperature of the system should be between 35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and the milky liquid will not exceed 70 ℃. If it is too high, the oil quality and accessories will be deteriorated and damaged

2. Filter

a. the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned every time the oil is changed

b. the machine tool has relevant alarms or other abnormal filters such as dirty oil, which should be replaced

c. the air filter on the oil tank shall be inspected and cleaned every 3 months, and it is best to replace it once a year

3. Hydraulic components

a. clean hydraulic components (base plate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipe, etc.) every month to prevent dirt from entering the system, and do not use detergent

b. after using the new machine for one month, check whether there is deformation at the bending of each oil pipe. If there is any abnormality, replace it. After using it for two months, fasten the connections of all accessories. When doing this work, shut down the machine and the system has no pressure

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