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The service life of mechanical equipment is not only related to its component composition, but also affected by external factors, such as material hardness, manual operation, temperature and other factors. The daily maintenance of mechanical equipment also affects the service life of machinery. In this paper, Xinhai machinery takes the crusher (crusher) as an example according to the feedback information of customers to introduce the precautions for the daily use of mechanical equipment in low temperature

in winter, the temperature is low, diesel and water are easy to freeze, so it is difficult to start the machinery. At the same time, the wear of parts and fuel consumption increase significantly, so corresponding maintenance measures must be taken before winter, and the crusher must be thoroughly inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of construction machinery in the winter. The precautions for maintaining the crusher (crusher) in winter are as follows:

I. cleaning the crusher

cleaning the appearance of the diesel engine, chassis and working device of the construction machinery can play the role of descaling and decontamination. In the process of cleaning, you can also find the damaged devices and components and oil leakage parts, so as to do a good job in the preliminary work for the next maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to use a high-pressure and high-temperature water gun to wash the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially the electrical parts, so as to avoid damage

II. Selection and replacement of oil

1. Selection of fuel oil

diesel oil is easy to wax at low temperature, with increased viscosity, poor fluidity and poor atomization, which worsens its combustion process and reduces the power and economy of the diesel engine. In order to make the diesel engine work smoothly and reduce fuel consumption, diesel with low pour point should be selected. The general selection principle is: the solidifying point of diesel oil is about 5 ℃ lower than the environmental mixing degree. Diesel grades available in winter are: -10#, -20#, -35#, etc

clean the fuel system during maintenance. Thoroughly clean all filters, or purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time. Replace the fuel filter element, discharge the sewage from the oil-water separator and clean it. Colleagues check the operation of the oil transfer pump to eliminate hidden troubles

2. Replacement of diesel engine oil

low temperature engine oil with low viscosity should be selected for diesel engine. Try to choose high-performance engine oil. This kind of engine oil not only does not contribute new kinetic energy to the construction of one belt and one road under high temperature, but also is easy to oxidize, and will not leave deposits in the precision parts of the diesel engine, which can greatly extend the service life of the diesel engine. Multi grade engine oil can work in a wide temperature range. Generally, multi-grade engine oil with viscosity grade of sae5w-40 or sae10w-40 can be selected. When changing the oil, replace or clean the oil filter

3. Replace the lubricating oil and grease

during the seasonal maintenance, replace the gear oil in the transmission, transfer gear, differential and steering gear with the gear oil used in winter, and pay attention to cleaning when changing the oil

III. maintenance of parts

1. Maintenance of diesel engine cooling system check the working state of thermostat to prevent diesel engine water temperature from being too low or too high. Remove the scale in the water jacket. Choose a long-term antifreeze that is about 10 ℃ lower than the minimum temperature in the area where the construction machinery is used, and has antifreeze in winter, anti boiling, anti-corrosion and anti scaling in summer. Once silt is found in the water tank, it should be removed immediately

2. Maintenance of electrical equipment check the motor wiring of the battery. Check and adjust the electrolyte density. Maintain the starting motor and increase the charging voltage of the generator. Charge the battery frequently in winter and maintain the preheating device

3. Pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient and whether the quality becomes worse during the maintenance of the brake system. Check whether the oil-water separator and the drain switch work normally. Check whether the brake becomes weak, deviates, the pedal force of the brake pedal is insufficient and the brake does not return, and adjust it in time

provide one-stop service from design to manufacturing and processing for automobile enterprises. In the hot summer, the publication of this article is somewhat "untimely". Xinhai machinery, based on the principle of user first service, shares equipment maintenance experience in low temperature environment with mineral processing equipment users who have not experienced "winter"

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