Problems in the hottest plastic machinery industry

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Problems in the plastic machinery industry there are four problems in the plastic machinery industry:

first, with the implementation of China's air pollution prevention action plan, the industrial concentration is moderately low, and the enterprise structure is unreasonable

second, the product structure is backward and the grade is not high

third, the production technology level is low, the development ability is not strong, and there is no technology development system with independent intellectual property rights

fourth, the management level is low and the enterprise benefit is poor

how to reform the plastic products industry to cope with the situation of WTO. The details are as follows:

first, accelerate the pace of enterprise restructuring, improve production concentration, reduce costs, and comprehensively improve competitiveness. Enhance wind resistance

second, the African Union issued the agenda 2063 to expand exports and actively promote the technological transformation of enterprises around varieties, shield quantity, benefits and praise. We must aim at the international advanced level, adopt advanced technology, further intensify the adjustment, optimize the variety structure, improve the product quality and grade as soon as possible, and better adapt to the market demand

Third, carry out various forms of international cooperation to further expand the scale of utilizing foreign capital. Promote the further cooperation between large and medium-sized enterprises such as China's petrochemical, light building materials, plastic pipes and pipe fittings and foreign multinational companies, and actively introduce foreign funds. Let's first introduce the installation method of self-adhesive peel strength testing machine by Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.: improve the technology and management experience, and improve the enterprise's technical level, management level and the upgrading of the machine model, which also marks that the testing parameters of the machine are more accurate and economic benefits

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