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According to incomplete statistics, China's food and packaging machinery industry achieved a total industrial output value of 292billion yuan in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 16.80%, exceeding the growth rate of the national machinery industry that year. At the same time, the growth rate of Enterprises above designated size was more than 18%, which played an important role in promoting the healthy operation of the food and packaging machinery industry. Among them, the output value of food machinery industry was 137.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.3%, and the output value of packaging machinery industry was 154.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%

the food packaging machine has completed the steady development of the machinery industry by tightening the screws of the clamp base. However, chaos is also a problem that can not be ignored in the process of industry development. Because the Chinese market is large enough and the demand levels are different, the middle and low-end products also have a market in China. In general, China's packaging industry is now facing the following problems

firstly, the industry standard is missing. The quality of middle and low-end products in the domestic market is different, and there is also a big gap between domestic packaging machines and foreign packaging machines. Although the product functions are the same, there is a big gap in accuracy, reliability and service life. The main reason for this problem is that there is no national standard to define the quality of the packaging industry. The packaging Jinan testing machine factory, which has been developing for 20 years, has been updating the machinery industry. So far, there is no clear industry standard, so we can only refer to other relevant industry standards

the lack of industry standards is also caused by the late start and blind development of the industry. The notice on cleaning up food packaging materials was issued by the former Ministry of health in 2009. The products without standards and regulations were cleaned up, and the notice of provisions on the administration of administrative licensing of new varieties of food related products was issued in the process. Substances that are not within the scope of use of existing laws and regulations should be declared for administrative licensing. 107 substances were released in the first batch, and 301 substances were released successively, The third German reprap said: "Three kinds of polyurethane are suitable for special use, and 258 kinds are released for the fourth time. In addition to the existing gb9685, there are a total of 1628 permitted additives and materials. More than 5000 food standards in our country are being updated, and the updating work is in progress. 3 pull the operating handle 7 to make the upper pressure plate and the spring just come into contact, of which about 400 are related to packaging materials. The national policy has been following the industry, which is a non-standard A healthy way of development

depending on the price advantage, China's packaging machinery does occupy a certain share in the foreign market. However, if China's packaging industry wants to go out and do well, it must have a banned industry standard and a steady development mentality, so as to better develop the domestic market and open up foreign markets at the same time

secondly, there is a lack of innovation awareness. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. Many enterprises just adopt the principle of taking advantage of the market by copying market leading products and seizing the market in the form of price war. However, the enterprise does not have its own core technology, so it can be imagined how it will develop in the future. Under the economic crisis, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises are facing bankruptcy, which has also sounded an alarm for enterprises lacking innovation awareness

finally, the industry foundation is weak, and many domestic enterprises can not produce high-precision products. Because there are no high-precision equipment, materials and talents in China, the machines made by the Chinese are all imported. Although some parts can be used by domestic enterprises, they can not reach the level of competition with foreign countries

if domestic food machinery wants to fully occupy the domestic food demand market and enter the international market, it must be armed with science and technology. First class technology plus perfect after-sales service can truly attract domestic and foreign customers only by improving the experience of industrial users, developing their own core technology and making independent innovation

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